Fluency Passages for Early Readers

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As kids learn letters, sounds, phonics patterns, and sight words, they really start to unlock reading. However, knowing how to decode words and reading fluently are two different things. This Fluency Passages for Early Readers bundle pack works on combining word recognition and fluency to build up your early readers’ skills!

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Build word family fluency with this Fluency Passages for Early Readers Bundle. They're perfect for Kindergarten!

Fluency Passages for Early Readers BUNDLE

With a focus on CVC word families and CVCe word families, these story passages and fluency phrases are perfect for your early readers and will build up their confidence too!

You can use the fluency passages one at a time and send them home, or use them in small groups, whole groups, for partner reading – whatever works best for you!

Ready for the best part? This bundle pack includes “Digital Ease” versions, where you can choose which word family to upload/assign directly in Seesaw™, Google Classroom™, etc!

Are you excited yet? Here’s a look at the fun and engaging fluency passages included in this bundle pack!

This resource pack includes fluency passages for working on both CVC and CVCe word families.

CVC Word Family Passages

These 23 CVC fluency passages for early readers are my favorite to use with my beginning readers because they really help them realize, “Hey, I can read!”

The focus on short vowel word families (which we work really hard on) is a great confidence builder.

Plus, they get to illustrate the story after they read it! This is a great way to check comprehension, as you can see if their illustration matches the story.

This bundle includes 23 CVC fluency passages that focus on short vowel word families.

CVC Fluency Phrase Pages

The 23 CVC fluency phrases are a great extension to the stories, or can be used for quick practice, partner reading, take home practice – the possibilities are endless!

Mixing CVC words along with different punctuation helps students read fluently and with expression.

I like to have my students underline or highlight the word family chunk as well. This helps them identify patterns in words, which in turn helps them with their spelling.

The bundle includes 23 CVC fluency phrases that promote fluency with expression.

CVC word families included in the fluency passages AND phrases are:

  • short a: -at, -am, -ap, -an, -ag, -ad
  • short e: -et, -en, -ed
  • short i: -it, -in, -ip, -ig, -id,
  • short o: -ot, -op, -ob, -og
  • short u: -un, -ub, -um, -ug, -ut

CVCe Word Family Passages

After we have mastered CVC words, we are ready to tackle long vowels with CVCe words!

These 18 CVCe word family fluency passages are in the same format as the CVC passages. The kids read the stories and then illustrate them to show their understanding.

This bundle includes 18 CVCe word family fluency passages for early readers.

CVCe Fluency Phrase Pages

We continue building up knowledge of long vowels with these 21 CVCe fluency phrases.

Again, I often have my students underline the chunk to show they are understanding the concept of a word family.

CVCe word families included in the fluency passages AND phrases are:

  • long a: -ace, -ave, -ale, -ame, -ade, -ape, -ake, -ate
  • long i: -ice, -ide, -ike, -ine, -ite, -ile
  • long o: -ole, -ope, -ose, -one, -oke, -ote
  • long u: -ute, -ule, -une, -ude

There are no CVCe passages for long e because most long e words are spelled with other long vowel patterns.

The bundle includes 21 CVCe fluency phrases that promote fluency with expression.

Grab Your Copy of the Fluency Passages for Early Readers

You can grab all 85 word family fluency passages by clicking the large, yellow button at the end of the post!

The CVC pack and CVCe pack are available to buy separately OR you can grab both of these resources at one low price with this Fluency Passages for Early Readers Bundle Pack. I love seeing the growth in students when these resources are used together throughout the year!

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Fluency Passages for Early Readers


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