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Alphabet Flower Garden Sensory Bin


If you are like me, you really enjoy a good themed sensory bin! They allow and encourage kids to be entertained in an educational and meaningful way. We love learning with fun themes relevant to our lives or what is happening in the world. I also love adding extra educational aspects to it, for instance using a sensory bin as a space for kids to search, find, and record the alphabet. That is how this newest activity, a free Alphabet Flower Garden Sensory Bin, came to be!

*Pair with our Spring Math and Literacy Centers for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Practice the alphabet in a hands-on way in Pre-K and Kindergarten with this fun and free Alphabet Flower Garden Sensory Bin!

Alphabet Flower Garden Sensory Bin

Since the sun is shining and the snow has finally melted away, we are anticipating flowers sprouting up any time. We are impatient though and decided that a fun flower garden-inspired ABC sensory bin is exactly what we need. Let’s start by gathering our simple supplies!

Supplies Needed:

I filled our sensory bin with pinto beans. I wanted black beans to resemble dirt, but I didn’t have any on hand. The pinto beans worked out really well, though. Then, I mixed in foam letters.

To prep the sensory bin, fill a container with pinto beans and letter manipulatives.

How to Play

If you are trying to conserve paper and use this activity in your literacy centers, you could easily laminate the Flower Picking recording sheets.

Once laminated, students can color the flower with a dry erase marker, use a manipulative to cover the letter, or simply place the letter found in the sensory bin on top of the corresponding flower letter.

Since this was the first time we were doing this activity, I just used uppercase letters. The next time we will use lowercase letters. This meant that we only used the uppercase Flower Picking recording sheet.

We used uppercase letter manipulatives and paired them with the uppercase Flower Picking recording sheet.

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If you are looking to make the activity more challenging, you could mix both uppercase and lowercase letters into the sensory bin and use both of the recording sheets.

As the letters were picked out, the kids found the corresponding flower letter on the recording sheet and colored it in.

As the letters were picked, the kids found the corresponding flower letter on the recording sheet and colored it in.

This flower garden sensory bin is so versatile and so fun. Your students are sure to love it!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to try this fun sensory bin with your little learners too? Get your free copy of the Flower Picking recording sheets by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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