Flip Flop Uppercase Alphabet Match

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Is your child ready to learn more about the letters of the alphabet? You may be wondering how do you teach the alphabet and where do you even begin? It may be time to focus on purposely exposing your child to letters and sounds. This can be done when reading books, driving in the car, talking about the letters on the stop sign, and playing fun letter games like this free Flip Flop Uppercase Alphabet Match!

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This free Flip Flop Uppercase Alphabet Match is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners working on letter recognition!

Flip Flop Uppercase Alphabet Match

This printable alphabet activity includes 26 pairs of flip flops. The flip flops in each pair are the same color and have the same uppercase letter on them.

To prepare the activity, simply print the file below. I printed my set on cardstock for added durability. If you plan on laminating the game, you can easily print on regular printer paper.

Cut the flip flop sets out. There are light gray lines to follow to make cutting easier. After your pieces are prepped, it’s time to play!

Print, laminate, and cut out each flip flop to make this fun alphabet matching game.

Different Ways to Play

The object of this alphabet game is to find and put together the matching letters on the flip flops. Each time a match is made, a pair of flip flops is also created!

When you begin exposing preschoolers to the letters of the alphabet, the end result is not for your child to quickly memorize the name of each letter. It’s more about taking skills that your child already has, and building on those skills.

So if your child knows all of his colors, choose one pair of flip flops in each color to make a set to begin the game with. You will have a blue, purple, yellow, green, and pink pair of flip flops to work with.

Show your child the colors of the flip flops and how they each have letters on them too. Your child may pick up on the color matching strategy right away, and that is okay! Talk about the letters on the flip flops as they match the colors. Say things like, “This pink flip flop has a W on it. Can you find another W?”

Students will match the uppercase letters to make one pair of flip flops that have a matching color.

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Another way to introduce this activity without overwhelming your child with 26 letters (and 52 game pieces!) is to keep things meaningful. There is nothing more special than working with your child’s own name.

Find all the letters in your child’s name and spread the left flip flop from each pair on the table. Place the right flip flops of the same letters in a row on the table (like the photo below using the name ‘Aly’). Add a few extra letters, not in your child’s name to the row and encourage your child to match the correct pairs of flip flops in their name!

Start with just a few letters for early learners to help them be successful when matching the uppercase flip flops.

When your child starts making matches like a pro using just some of the letters, add in all of the letters for even more of a challenge!

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Flip Flop Uppercase Alphabet Match


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