Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft

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This Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft is easy and quick. It can be done in just a few minutes, freeing kids up to make the perfect card or help prepare a special Father’s Day breakfast. Handprint crafts are always a hit and these handprint baseballs are a sweet gift for any parent or baseball fan!

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This Father's Day Handprint Craft is quick, easy, and makes a wonderful keepsake! It's simple to make with just a baseball and an ink pad!

Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft

I always have a hard time coming up with presents for dads, and Father’s Day is no exception! I want to do crafts with the kids that will appeal to the majority of dads while also being appropriate to give to single moms or other male relatives.

This baseball handprint craft is simple, fun, and makes the perfect accompaniment to a handmade card!

This Father's Day handprint craft is simple to make with just a baseball and an ink pad!


If you’re worried about the cost of baseballs and you are in the classroom, you can ask for donations. The baseballs don’t need to be new!

You can also contact a recreational league and ask if they can save the balls they are done with. I actually think this craft would look kind of cool with weathered baseballs. Baseballs can also be purchased cheap in bulk.

Have the children first practice positioning their hands on the baseball and carefully removing their hand without smudging.

How to Make the Baseball Handprint Craft

To make this baseball handprint craft, have the children first practice positioning their hands on the baseball and carefully removing their hand without “smudging.” This is also a great way to keep the other kids busy while you work one-on-one with each child to make their ink prints. If you are in the classroom with a large group, I recommend pulling small groups throughout the day and not doing this all in one session.

Rub the ink pad directly across each child's palm, covering it completely.

Rub the ink pad directly across each child’s palm, covering it completely. Carefully hold the top of their hands and help them position it on the baseball. If they are younger without much hand strength, gently press down on their hand to help make a solid impression before helping them to carefully remove their hand without smudging.

Give the kids a baby wipe to “magically” wipe off the ink. I found the baby wipes worked perfectly for hands, but the ink is firmly on those baseballs once it touches. It’s a win-win!

We tried two different types of ink with wildly different results. We first tried an artistic (India) ink that I painted on the hands and then we tried an ink pad – the kind you’d use with stamps. The ink pad turned out much better and dried within moments, so I highly recommend that option.

I hope you have fun creating this sweet Father's Day Baseball Handprint Craft keepsake!

I splurged and bought shadow boxes on sale from Michael’s, but this craft would also work great if you mounted the baseball in an empty picture frame (from the dollar store) or a painted canvas, or simply tied a bow around it, as is (that may be what I do next year)!

I hope you have as much fun as we did making memories while you create this sweet Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft keepsake!

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    1. Hi Kalie,

      An acrylic paint could work well. It would be permananet but it might just take a little longer to dry. I would stay away from washable paint or tempera paint (it could flake off). I would also recommend doing a tester first. Hope this helps! 🙂

  1. Does the ink Smear? Do I need to put some kind of top coating over it? Curious- thank you!

    1. Hi Sierra, what a great question! If you use a standard ink pad the ink will dry within minutes! There’s no need to put a top coating on it. Have fun!

  2. Hi there! I LOVE this idea. I want to do it but with 4 kids I’m not sure how we’d store 4 balls in a way that looked nice.. when you talk about mounting, what are you envisioning? Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Hi, so glad you will be able to make the craft! When I imagine doing this with multiple kids, I imagine sending them home not mounted or stored, but likely with just a ribbon around them as a gift, and then letting the family decide what to do with it. But that is in a classroom setting with a lot more kids. At home or with a smaller group, I may do it differently. If you are trying to store all 4 together to present as a gift, I would probably either let the kids handprint/decorate a shoebox together or a nice box and then present them that way so that it looks more kid-made! I am sure whatever you decide the dads will love it! : )

  3. Would acrylic paint also work? My baseball is weathered so I’m worried the ink may not show up?

    1. Hi Kristina! I haven’t tried acrylic paint, however, I would think it would be similar to lasting as a stamp would? Definitely worth a try! Sorry that I haven’t personally done it. Do let me know how it works if you use it! : )

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