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Farm Animal Twenty Frames Math Mats


Do you use ten or twenty frames in your class? It is a great way to work on number sense and subitizing (recognizing sets of numbers instantly without counting). Use these free Farm Animal Twenty Frames Math Mats to develop those skills in a fun, hands-on way!

*Pair with our Farm Centers & Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

These free printable Farm Animal 20 Frames Math Mats are great for Kindergarten math centers or small groups!

Farm Animal Twenty Frames Math Mats

There are so many ways to work on number sense. I like to use 10 and 20 frames with small objects like pom poms because then we develop fine motor skills AND math skills (counting, number recognition, subitizing, etc.) all at the same time!

These printable farm animal twenty frames math mats are easy to prep and so fun. They’ll definitely be a hit with your kiddos!

How to Prep

To prep these math mats, simply print, laminate for durability, and cut them out.

Provide a variety of colors and sizes of pom poms along with plastic tweezers and you’re ready to play!

Students can use plastic tweezers and manipulatives like pom poms to fill the twenty frames.

Ways to Play

To use these farm animal math mats as a partner game, divide the mats between the players.

Each player takes a turn rolling 2 dice. They will then count the dots and the players will check to see who has that number mat.

Whoever has that number will use the pom poms to fill their twenty frame on the mat.

The player with all his/her math mats filled first wins!

To play, students roll a die and fill the twenty frame with the correct number.

Another way to play is to use the twenty frame math mats for counting and comparing numbers! We use the plastic tweezers used to pick up our pom poms as our more than/less than symbols.

To play, students pick two mats. Then they count and fill both twenty frames with pom poms. When they are done, they can place the tweezers to show more or less.

This is a creative, visual way to introduce the greater than/less than concept!

These twenty frame math mats can also be used to count and compare numbers.

Also included in this farm animal math mat set are two cards with no numbers. Students can roll the dice and fill the twenty frames accordingly!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Are you ready to start counting with farm animals? Grab your free set of the Farm Animal 20 Frames Math Mats by clicking on the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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