Endless Bundle of Printable Mini-Books for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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I love mini-books! Not only because they are so easy to put together, but kids LOVE having their own books. Plus, they are a quick tool to reinforce whatever concept your are working on in the classroom. With this Endless Bundle of Printable Mini-Books for Pre-K & Kindergarten, you will have an engaging, easy-prep mini-book for any lesson!

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With this Endless Bundle of Printable Mini-Books for Pre-K & Kindergarten, you will have an engaging, easy-prep mini-book for any lesson!

Using Printable Mini-Books in the Classroom

There is just something about making your own book that makes a child feel special. So how do you use mini-books in the classroom? Really, the answer is, however you want!

These interactive mini-books can be used in so many ways! Students can use these books to reinforce concepts in small groups. They can also complete these independently (or with a partner) in centers.

These counting mini-books are a fun way to strengthen important math skills.

Another way I like using these books is to send them home! Kiddos can continue to work on concepts they are learning in the classroom after school. These are super easy to send in a folder or even email to parents.

Prep is a Breeze!

The prep could not be more simple. These printable mini-books are designed with you in mind! Simply print and fold in half twice, and you have a book ready to go!

These printable mini-books are so easy to prep. Just print and fold in half twice!

Mini-book prep is a great task to give to a willing parent volunteer. Or, towards the end of the year, you may even be able to have your student try to fold their own. Of course they will not be as neat, but it is great practice!

The Bundle is ENDLESS!

Endless is my favorite kind of bundle! Not only do you get the 200+ printable mini-books mentioned below, every time I make a new mini-book, it is also included! Now that’s a great deal.

Take a peek at all of the books currently included in this bundle below!

This bundle includes over 200 printable mini-books and it is still growing!

Grab Your Endless Bundle of Printable Mini-Books

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