Social-Emotional Emergent Reader

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A big part of early childhood education is developing social skills and learning to communicate feelings and emotions. It can be tough for young kids to identify how they feel and relate to others, so I love to incorporate engaging resources to identify and discuss our feelings like this free Social-Emotional Emergent Reader!

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Grab this free Social-Emotional Emergent Reader to help your Pre-K and Kindergarten students learn to communicate their feelings and emotions!

Social-Emotional Emergent Reader

I find it helpful to read picture books about emotions or feelings before giving my students their own books to read and color. Some of my favorites are The Feelings Book by Todd Parr and The Way I Feel by Janan Cain.

Making the emergent reader is a piece of cake! I printed out the book double sided, made copies as needed, then cut it in half and stapled. One set will make you two books in a flash!

The students will enjoy that the cover says, "Colored by" instead of "Name."

After reading related books about feelings and prepping the emergent readers, I gave my kids each their own copy. They loved that the cover says “Colored by ___” instead of name. It made them feel like little illustrators!

At first, we read the book together as a class, looking at the pictures to see if we could identify the feeling based on the facial expressions.

Each page in the emergent reader has a picture of a child with a facial expression matching the emotion in the sentence.

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Next, I let my kids color their emergent readers and read them with a partner.

This emergent reader contains a repetitive pattern of “I feel ___” on each page, making it a simple reader and confidence booster for kids as they start to track print and connect meaning to words.

Lastly, we came back together as a group to share how we were currently feeling.

If we have time, I like to extend the activity by picking a page out of the book for my kids to act out. For example, I might say, “Show me how angry might look.” or “How might you act if you were scared?

Each page in this social-emotional emergent reader names a different emotion starting with the words, "I feel."

After we finished, I sent the books home with my students to proudly share and read aloud with their families. They love having books that can go home with them to keep!

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Social-Emotional Emergent Reader


  1. I’m looking forward to using the My Feelings emergent reader with my preschoolers. Thank you for sharing.

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