Editable Math and Literacy Kindergarten Small Group Planning Templates

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I love my small group time in the classroom. So much learning happens in small groups, because I can work with students at their level in a way that speaks to them. But it can take so much planning and time to prepare. That’s why I have these Editable Math and Literacy Kindergarten Small Group Planning Templates that I think will really help you out.

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These Editable Math and Literacy Kindergarten Small Group Planning Templates provide a great snapshot of your center plans for the week!

Kindergarten Small Group Planning Templates

Small group planning can be overwhelming. You have to plan lessons for many different groups of students with lots of different needs.

But as always, I think a lot of times we make it harder on ourselves than we have to! Simplicity is really key in most things in the classroom, and we often overcomplicate it.

This small groups math center planning template is one of 2 options of templates to choose from.

That’s why I love these planning templates. Much like the Editable Math and Literacy Center Planning Templates, I use these templates to help me plan a snapshot of what I will do with my small groups for the week.

Using the Templates for Small Group Success

I use these templates to map out who I will have in each group. I also map out the skill and/or activity I want to use. This is pictured in the sample below.

This small groups literacy center planning template is one of 2 options of templates to choose from.

This is certainly not set in stone. It changes all the time. That’s why I love that this is editable. If you are a techy person, you can certainly type this out right in the template. Or, if you are a sticky note and pencil kind of person, you can print this out and write on it.

I personally like to write on mine, so I can erase, cross things out, draw arrows, and make notes.

Teacher Tip

Here is one quick teacher tip for you that I learned from much trial and error. Keeping all of this organized can be a bear, but one thing I found very helpful was having a small group bin.

Gumball build-a-word is a great literacy activity for practicing sight words in small groups.

I simply look at my planning sheet each morning to see what I will need for small groups that day. I stick all activities, recording sheets, manipulatives, a notes sheet for me, and my planning sheet in the bin, and I’m set to go for the day!

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