Editable Math and Literacy Center Planning Templates for Kindergarten

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Centers are the lifeblood of a Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom. So much learning and growth takes place both academically and socially during center time. But there’s a lot that goes into planning centers, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why these editable math and literacy center planning templates for Kindergarten are the perfect tool to get you on your way to center stardom.

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These Editable Math and Literacy Center Planning Templates for Kindergarten provide a great snapshot of your center plans for the month!

Center Planning Templates for Kindergarten

I really am all for simplicity whenever possible. And for me, this means planning my centers out at a glance each month, or every 4 weeks.

That’s where these planning templates for Kindergarten really come in handy. I love these, because they give me a snapshot of the activities I want to have out for my kiddos during centers a month at a time.

These templates for Kindergarten center planning provide room for up to 9 centers a week.

I know sometimes we can feel like we don’t even know what we are going to do after lunch, and things can always change. But I like to sketch out a month of centers at a time, because it gives me a good overall picture of the balance of activities. Plus it makes it easier to make adjustments.

Keep it Flexible!

The plan that I sketch out at the beginning of the month is by no means set in stone. It is an ever changing plan! It is common for me to adjust my plans weekly based on student engagement and how the centers are going.

This math center planning template is one of 2 options of templates to choose from.

I actually print and hand-write mine in pencil so that I can erase, draw arrows, scribble, etc. I’m really fancy! But if you are a digital person, you can easily type right in this editable document. The key is not to be afraid to move things around, replace something that isn’t working, or add something you think could be awesome!

These templates for Kindergarten center planning are perfect for incorporating activities like this beginning sound letter magnet activity.

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