Easy Story Time Paper Donut Craft

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This paper donut craft is a fun activity to pair with one of my favorite read alouds, Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony! Kids can act out the story line of the book, and practice their manners just as the characters do. This craft is also great for working on developing fine-motor skills. And don’t forget, these paper donuts make great treats for our stuffed animal friends!

*Pair this with our Social-Emotional Pocket Chart Activities for even more practice with making good choices!

This simple and sweet story time paper donut craft is so fun and provides great practice for strengthening fine motor skills!

Easy Story Time Paper Donut Craft

To make your own paper donut craft, you will need:


First, gather your materials.

Next, invite students to use safety scissors to cut off the bottom of a brown paper lunch bag.

Once the bottom has been removed, open the remaining part of the bag. Show students how to gently roll the bag up to form the paper donut.

Once the donuts are formed, it is time to decorate!

To make the “frosting”, combine equal parts school glue and shaving cream. Mix well and add the brown paint for “chocolate frosting” or leave out the paint for “vanilla.”

Invite students to frost up their donuts with the puffy paint mixture!

Students can use the pretend frosting to decorate their paper donut craft.

Tip: We found that spooning the puffy paint on top worked best. While the paint is still wet, add bits of colored paper for “sprinkles.”

If you have leftover hole punches, this would be a great project to use them as sprinkles! Allow the paint to dry completely.

Add bits of colored paper for pretend sprinkles. Be sure to add them when the paint is wet.

Once the paint is completely dry, the students can glue a paper doily to their paper plate.

Lastly, glue the donut to the doily. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Tip: This paper donut craft would make a creative bulletin board display under the words “Donut Worry, Be Happy!”

Recommended Story Book:

For a great book that pairs perfectly with our paper donut craft, check out Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony. In this story, Mr. Panda offers some delicious donuts to a few other animals. When the animals are rude and forget to say, “Please,” Mr. Panda revokes his offer.

Finally, one of the animals remembers to use manners and says, “Please.” Mr. Panda happily gives this polite animal the entire box of donuts!

This is a simple and sweet story to remind kids to always use their manners. It is perfect for both Pre-K and Kindergarten!

We hope you have fun making this simple story time craft with your children!

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