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Easy Oil Pastel Project for Kids


This Easy Oil Pastel Project for Kids is a great way to practice fine motor skills and introduce elements of color theory to young students. The results can be quite stunning, and each one is completely unique. The completed projects would make treasured gifts for a loved one, or can be proudly displayed in your classroom!

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Try this Easy Oil Pastel Project for Kids with step by step instructions to introduce elements of color theory and develop fine motor skills!

Easy Oil Pastel Project for Kids

This oil pastel project is so simple to make with beautiful and unique results. With just a few common art supplies you may already have in your home or classroom, the kids can create their very own works of art.

To get started, first gather your materials:

How to Color and Blend

Before you dive in, separate the cool and warm tones of oil pastels into two groups. Cool tones are greens, blues, and purples. Warm tones are reds, oranges, and yellows.

To begin, invite your students to use a pencil to lightly draw common shapes or trace objects onto the watercolor paper so the lines are overlapping.

Next, students can choose whether to use the warm or cool tones in their artwork. Then, use at least two different oil pastels to color in each section. Be sure to outline the shapes in black oil pastel as you go.

After students have traced and colored in the shapes with oil pastels, they can use the cotton swab dipped in baby oil to blend.

Teacher Tip: If students are right-handed, begin in the upper left corner to prevent smudging. If there are any left-handed students in your class, they can begin in the upper right corner.

To blend the colors together, use cotton swabs dipped in a bit of baby oil. Rub gently on the oil pastel until smoothly blended. For best results, blend lighter tones first, then blend the darker tones.

Lastly, blend the black outlines for a smooth finish!

The final oil pastel project makes a beautiful gift for a loved one or display in the classroom.

Optional: Adults can use a clear coat spray sealer to prevent smudging on finished artwork.

This easy oil pastel project for kids is a super fun way to introduce color theory while also working on fine motor skills. Using the cotton swabs to blend the pastels takes focus and patience. The finished masterpieces are worth it!

Each oil pastel project makes a unique masterpiece.

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