Fun Sight Word Felt Games with Free Chants

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Like most teachers, I am always looking for ways to make instruction fun and engaging for my students. My kids love songs, chants, and interactive games, so I try to incorporate them whenever I can! To practice our sight words throughout the year, I use a variety of resources, including these super fun, DIY sight word felt games and free seasonal chants!

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Sight Word Felt Games

Fun Sight Word Felt Games with Free Chants

My students LOVE chants. That’s why I like to sing different chants for each season. Be sure to grab a copy of my favorite seasonal chants for FREE at the end of the post!

To prepare the sight word felt games I used felt in various colors. I especially love the bright, vibrant ones!

sight word felt games

I cut out shapes that I wanted for the sight word games (below flower shapes are shown) – you can use die-cuts, trace shapes, or a silhouette cameo if you have one!

I decided to make a sight word game for each season on my felt board (felt is tacked on and over folded cardboard for a super easy DIY board!).

sight word games with felt


First up, fall! I cut out a fall tree and branches, and then leaves of various colors.

I wrote the sight words we will be learning on the leaves and put them all up on the tree. As a class, we will sing our favorite fall chant and read the words as we take leaves off the tree!

sight word games with felt


Winter will be here before we know it! It will be time for different words and a different theme. I cut out “snow” by cutting a long strip of white felt. I used a pattern to cut out winter hats.

Same as for fall, I wrote the sight words we will be learning on the hats, and this time, we will do our winter sight word chant!

sight word games with felt


Finally, springtime! For this sight word game, I made a flower garden! I cut a strip of green, then snipped it up a bit to make the grass. I used a pattern to make flowers and wrote on the sight words.

When spring is here, we will (you guessed it!) do our spring sight word chant and read the flowers!

sight word games with felt

Playing the Sight Word Felt Games

As mentioned briefly above, to play these games my class and I sing/chant repetitive phrases, and then take turns picking a sight word to read!

For example, in fall, we say, “Look at the leaves! It’s fall, you see. Pick a leaf, and read to me!” One student will come pick a leaf and we will all read the sight word!

We follow this same process with similar chants (but different words) for winter and spring!

sight word games with felt

Grab Your FREE Chants

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  1. This is a really great idea, Alex! I like that they’re resources you’d use regularly, but would only take a short amount of time… so good for consolidation. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much Liz! I had fun with them and it was definitely a plus that they didn’t take too long – makes it nice and easy!

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