Easter CVCe Words Matching Game

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It’s finally feeling like spring around here! I love that the weather gets warmer and the sun is out more. We love doing Easter activities in our class, like a BIG Easter egg hunt outside. Easter-themed activities are always bright and cheery, like this free Easter CVCe Words Matching Game I’m going to share with you today!

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Easter CVCe Words Matching Game

CVCe words are often called Bossy E, Magic E, Silent E, or Super E words. I always teach my students ALL of the nicknames for CVCe words, because I never know what term their teacher next year will use.

I just explain to them that this type of word has many “nicknames” but they all mean the same thing. The transition from short to long vowels is a tricky one, so I use lots of hands-on centers like picture sorts, clip cards, and matching games to help my students understand the difference.

How to Play

With this activity, students will match the Easter eggs to the corresponding Easter basket by looking at the picture and reading the word. It can be used in literacy centers or as a whole group activity.

This free resource includes 30 matches focusing on the a_e, i_e, o_e, and u_e long vowel patterns. You can choose to do the activity with just one specific long vowel sound or use all of them together!

I like to print the cards on cardstock and laminate them for durability. I also use a basket to place the cards in. They are self-correcting and color-coded so you know if the egg does not match the Easter basket it is the wrong long vowel sound and word.

I like to print the CVCe cards on cardstock, laminate them for durability, and place them in a basket in our centers.

Find Your Match

One of my favorite ways to use matching cards is with a “find your match” game.

I give each student a card – half get the picture card and the other half get a word card. They do not look at their card until I say, “Go!” They walk around and pair up with another student and look at the cards in their hands.

If the two are a matching word and picture, they give each other a high five and sit down. If it is not a match, they continue on to other students until they find their match.

This gets your students up and moving and serves as a great introduction to your daily phonics lessons.

The color of the CVCe words matches the egg picture cards making this activity self-correcting.

Traditional Match

Another way to use this activity in centers or small groups is as a traditional matching game.

Put all the picture cards face up in rows. Put all the word cards face down in a single pile. Students will pick up a word card, read the word, and then find the picture!

To challenge your students, you can also have them use the word in a sentence as part of their turn.

Students will pick a CVCe word Easter basket card and find the matching egg picture card.

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Easter CVCe Words Matching Game

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