Dry Erase Pumpkin Counting Cards

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Pumpkin-themed activities are a fun way to celebrate fall in the classroom! In my class, we have a “pumpkin week” where all of our lessons, activities, and centers are pumpkin-themed. One of the skills we work on around this time is one-to-one correspondence. One-to-one correspondence is the ability to count each object once to find out how many. There are plenty of different ways to help your students learn how to properly count using one-to-one correspondence. Today, I am going to share these free Dry Erase Pumpkin Counting Cards that your students can use to practice this skill!

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Grab our free Dry Erase Pumpkin Counting Cards for your Pre-K or Kindergarten math centers. Kids will have fun working on counting skills!

Dry Erase Pumpkin Counting Cards

One-to-one correspondence can be a tricky skill for Kindergartners to learn. These pumpkin counting cards will help your students improve their counting skills and are perfect for your fall math center rotations, small group practice, or as an early finisher task.

These pumpkin counting cards come with the numbers 1-20 and are simple to prep! Just print the cards (download below), laminate for durability and reuse with dry erase markers, and cut them apart.

How to Play

To play, students will pick up a card and count the pumpkins one at a time. They will write the correct number in the box with a dry erase marker.

Then, they will pick another card and continue counting and writing until all of the cards have been counted!

To play, students will pick a card and count the pumpkins one at a time. Then they write the correct number on the card.

Some students may have trouble with one-to-one correspondence if they are just looking and counting. They may skip over a pumpkin or count a pumpkin twice, resulting in the wrong answer.

But there are some different ways that your students can make sure to count the pumpkins correctly the first time!

One way to practice one-to-one correspondence is to use some type of “counter.” As students count, they place a small item like mini-erasers, bingo counters, or connecting cubes on top of each pumpkin.

Once all of the pumpkins are covered, they will know they counted correctly.

This option is great for kinesthetic learners because they are using their hands and moving objects to help them count.

Students can use manipulatives like connecting cubes to help them count the pumpkins.

Another way to practice this skill is to use the cross and count method.

As students count, they cross off each pumpkin with a dry erase marker. This ensures that they are counting all the pumpkins correctly.

I teach my students to use this method all the time, especially if they are trying to count a bigger number!

As students count, they can also cross off each pumpkin with a dry erase marker.

I hope you enjoy using these in your classroom!

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