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Domino Addition Printables


Learning to count is a skill that continues to develop from counting single groups into counting and combining sets. As kids learn to add, they are putting groups together to find a new total, which can be a challenge that involves counting on and knowing the meaning of how many altogether. These free domino addition printables are the perfect activity to add to a math center or small group when practicing early addition skills!

*Pair this with our Addition Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

These FREE domino addition printables are a great Kindergarten or 1st grade math center for practicing beginning addition skills!

Domino Addition

I love incorporating manipulatives as much as possible, and my kids love when I get out the domino activities. I just knew they would be excited for these domino addition printables!

To get this set up, I simply print out the pages that my kids will need (below) and grab a basket of dominoes.

Just print out the free domino addition printables and grab some dominoes for a super fun math center.

How to Play

There are two options for playing, depending on the level of your students. You can choose to play with sums to 5, or you can take it further and play with sums to 10. 

I use the sums to 5 as a warm up for the day, so we use it without dominoes. Kids count the dots and write the equation underneath.

This gives them practice with forming addition equations and seeing how parts can combine to make a new total.

In math centers, I like to use the sums to 10 version.

I laminate the domino printables and include them in the center with dry erase markers. My students love writing with markers and I love that the activity is reusable!

Students pick a domino, record the two numbers on the recording sheet, and add to find the sum!

In our math center students not only write the equations, but also search for a matching domino. This gives them double exposure to that specific grouping of dots and lets them work on counting, subitizing, and adding.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready for some fun with dominoes and addition? Grab your set of the free printables by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable


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