DIY Magic Watercolor Painting Sheets

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I love giving children the freedom to follow their interests at any given moment, but sometimes that can be hard with activities as messy as painting – especially in a busy classroom or a busy morning at home. These DIY Magic Watercolor Painting sheets are perfect for giving children the choice to paint at any time – with just a paintbrush and a glass of water!

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These DIY magic watercolor painting sheets for kids are a great quiet-time activity, mess-free art project, and fun art lesson too!

DIY Magic Watercolor Painting Sheets

I love how these DIY Magic Watercolor Painting sheets can be customized to your child’s interests, or whatever you are studying at the time. Just print out whichever coloring pages you think will be a hit!

Plus, these sheets are pretty low-mess. By providing only a small amount of paint, children are judicious in how they use it. They paint with more care than when they have access to an entire container of paint.

These DIY Magic Watercolor Painting sheets also make a great travel activity, gift, or even a special treat for quiet time!

Customize this ativity by using princesss coloring pages or whatever your kids are interested in.


First, gather your materials:

To get your blank coloring pages, just Google your child’s favorite characters, interests, or something that you are studying together. For example, if you’re doing a Botany Unit for Kids, searching for flower coloring pages would be a great option. This will often bring up free downloads or pictures for personal use. You can also use coloring books you already have!

Don’t be afraid to invest in good quality watercolor paint for this project. I bought a set at Michaels on sale for $10, and we could easily get over 200 of these Magic Watercolor sheets out of them – or use them for other art activities.

For this activity all you need is printed coloring pages, paintbrushes, and watercolors.

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Making the Watercolor Painting Sheets

To make your watercolor sheets, simply make small dabs of the paint in a blank area of the coloring sheet. Use your paintbrush to flatten out the paint and make it into a larger square.

Add a variety of colors and let dry for 2 hours.

Show your child (or students) how to make the magic color appear by dipping their paintbrush in water, touching the brush to one of the color squares, and then painting a section of the picture. A color will magically appear.

Add a small amount of watercolors to the corner of the coloring page and let dry for 2 hours.

Don’t forget to remind children how to properly clean their paintbrushes while painting – dipping & swirling the brush in the water, and wiping it clean on the rag. This simple step is easy for kids to overlook, but can lead to some frustrating art experiences if they skip it.

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DIY Magic Watercolor Painting Sheets


  1. Just a heads up you may want to modify this article. Initial you say to use liquid watercolors and then link to some Sax liquid watercolors but the product you actually use in the project is NOT a liquid watercolor but rather tube watercolor paint. Totally different.

  2. I never thought of liquid paint. I will have to try this as it eliminates the mess with regular paints. Thanks for another great idea.

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