Dinosaur Digraph Activity

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What sounds are you currently working on with your students? If it is digraphs, you just have to grab this free printable Dinosaur Digraph Activity. It makes a perfect literacy center for Kindergarten or 1st grade and the fun dinosaur theme will have your students “roaring with excitement” to play!

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This free printable Dinosaur Digraph Activity makes a perfect literacy center for early learners to use independently or in small groups!

Dinosaur Digraph Activity

This Dinosaur Digraph Activity is a fun, hands-on way for children to read and sort digraphs. It works great for use as a partner game, in small groups, or as an independent literacy center.

The activity covers 6 common digraphs – ph, sh, ch, wh, th, and ck. Depending on the reading level of your kiddos, you may choose to split up the cards and only set out certain digraphs. As your students progress you can build up to including all 6 digraphs in the game.

How to Prep and Play

Prep for this printable digraph activity is easy. Simply print on cardstock and laminate for durability and reuse. Cut and you’re ready to play!

For independent use, you might want to print a set for each student. You can also enlarge it for whole group instruction or use in centers or small groups.

To play, students match the correct eggs (words) to the dinosaurs (digraphs). When playing independently, a student can spread out the eggs face up so that the words are visible. They can then match the eggs to their dinosaur digraph cards.

To play, students match the correct eggs (words) to the dinosaurs (digraphs).

Make it a Game!

Our favorite way to use this digraph activity is as a small group game! This game allows for 6 students to play so that each child gets their own dinosaur digraph card.

Start by placing the eggs face down in the middle of the table. Each player gets a turn to pick up one egg and see if it is a word that matches his/her digraph card. If it is, he/she keeps it and adds it to their matching dinosaur card. If not, it is placed back on the table face down.

Continue playing until a player collects all of his/her digraph eggs (4 eggs total). They are the winner!

Place the eggs face down and let students pick an egg to see if it matches their dinosaur digraph card.

Keep in mind that your students should be able to independently read the words and sort them according to the digraph to be successful with this game.

Fun Tip: If using this activity as an independent literacy center, I like to place all of the dinosaur eggs in a small grab bag instead of laying them out on the table. This makes the activity a little more exciting!

Sometimes I like to place all of the dinosaur eggs in a small grab bag instead of laying them out on the table.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Are you ready to start sorting digraphs? Grab your free copy of this Dinosaur Digraph Activity by clicking on the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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