CVCe Word Family Phonics Poems

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We know that fluency is all about the flow of reading. It is a skill that needs to be practiced consistently and frequently from the very beginning of a reader’s journey. These CVCe Word Family Phonics Poems are the perfect way for your early readers to practice their fluency! They contain decodable text along with high-frequency words for students to practice fluency and rhyming and are aligned with the best practices of the Science of Reading.

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These CVCe Word Family Phonics Poems are the perfect way for your Kindergarten and 1st Grade students to work on fluency!

CVCe Word Family Phonics Poems

Poetry and rhyme are excellent tools for early readers. Why? Because the repetitive structure of a rhyming poem allows natural flow in reading. That’s why these phonics poems are the perfect way for your Kindergarten and 1st Grade students to build fluency skills.

With fun pictures and silly poems, your kids are sure to love working on fluency!

The students can go through and circle the words that belong to the word family in the bottom corner.

What’s Included?

This pack contains 21 printable phonics poems to help your early readers become successful with CVCe word families. 

The poems are 8 lines each, with high-frequency words, CVCe words, and rhymes. They contain pictures and are perfect for poetry notebooks, folders, small groups, and more! 

The short and simple rhymes tell a fun story, and there is even a fun matching picture to color!

The following word families are included in this phonics poems pack:

  • long a: -ace, -ave, -ame, -ade, -ape, -ake, -ate
  • long i: -ice, -ide, -ike, -ine, -ile
  • long o: -ole, -ope, -one, -oke, -ose
  • long u: -ute, -ule, -ude, -une (-ule, -ude and –une contain some /oo/ sounds)
Each poem focuses on a specific word family indicated in the bottom corner.

Digital Ease Versions Also Included!

Do you use Google Classroom™ or Seesaw™ in your classroom? This pack includes digital ease versions of the poems that allow you to share them in a snap!

Now you can assign these word family poems to your students to work on at home and continue their fluency practice outside of the classroom.

This pack includes 21 CVCe word family phonics poems for tons of CVCe word reading fun!

Grab Your Set of the CVCe Word Family Phonics Poems

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Do your students need something to practice their fluency before tackling CVCe words? Maybe you have an advanced student who is ready for CVCe word families but the rest of your class is still trying to master the alphabet and CVC words.

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CVCe Word Family Phonics Poems

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