CVC Words Ice Cream Sundae Activity

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Summer is just around the corner and the weather is getting hotter. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love a tasty ice cream sundae when the days get warmer. Speaking of sundaes… your students will just eat up this free CVC Words Ice Cream Sundae Activity! It makes a quick literacy center to practice spelling and sounding out CVC words. It’s great for any time of year but especially those warm summer months!

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CVC Words Ice Cream Sundae Activity

This CVC words activity is perfect to use in your Kindergarten small groups or literacy centers! There are 3 different CVC words per medial vowel sound for a total of 15 words to practice spelling.

You will also find a recording sheet you can use for writing practice or as a stand-alone practice sheet.

To prep this activity simply print, cut, and laminate all of the sundae bowls and ice cream letter cards. This makes them durable and reusable which is especially important if you are using them in a literacy center.

Add the sundae bowls to a small basket and lay out the ice cream letter cards face up.

Print and laminate the ice cream letter cards and bowls for repeated use and durability.

How to Play

Students will pick a sundae bowl, identify the picture on the card, and find all the correct ice cream letter cards to spell out the word on the bowl.

If you would like to use the optional recording sheet, you can print these out and give one to each student in your small group.

Another option is to slide the recording sheets into dry erase pocket sleeves and give the students dry erase markers to write with. This cuts down on copies and makes the recording sheets reusable!

Early Learner Tip: If providing all of the sundae bowls and ice cream cards is too overwhelming for your students, choose only a few at a time and then continue spelling out words until all cards have been used.

Write the CVC words next to their matching picture on the recording sheet.

Extension Activities

You can extend this activity in many ways depending on your goals and your group size:

  • Give your student a dry erase marker and have them write the CVC word on the laminated sundae bowl.
  • Trace the letters on the laminated ice cream cards for letter formation practice.
  • “Tap” each letter/sound in each CVC word using pom pom “sprinkles” to practice isolating each sound in the word.
You can also "tap" each letter/sound in each CVC word using pom pom "sprinkles".

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready for some tasty spelling practice? Get your free copy of the CVC word sundaes and recording sheet by clicking on the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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CVC Words Ice Cream Sundae Activity


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