CVC Word Match Reading Puzzles

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A perfect way to really dive into reading is through the use of CVC word games. Learning to read CVC words takes lots of practice. Blending all of the sounds together to understand the meaning of the word doesn’t happen overnight. Using our free CVC Word Match Reading Puzzles will make all of the hard work a lot more fun!

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Grab these free CVC Word Match Puzzles to strengthen those reading skills! They're perfect for Kindergarten!

CVC Word Match Reading Puzzles

One of my favorite things about Kindergarten is when the magic of practicing all those letter sounds translates into sounding out words. This free printable CVC Word Match is a fun, hands-on way to strengthen these skills. It includes 30 CVC words with matching pictures. All 5 short vowels have 6 matches each.

Just print the CVC word match puzzles, laminate, and cut for a quick literacy center!

How to Prep

This activity doesn’t get any easier to prepare. Just print the CVC word matching puzzles (download below) and cut out the pieces.

If you are using this game in a classroom setting I suggest printing on cardstock and laminating the pieces before cutting them apart. This will make the activity more durable while being used by so many different hands!

You can choose one medial vowel to focus on during the activity or throw all pieces into a small basket and play!

Match the CVC word on the pencil card with the correct picture puzzle piece.

How to Play

My Kindergartener took the lead for this CVC word matching activity and spread all her pieces out on the table. She separated the CVC word pieces to one side of the table and the CVC picture puzzle pieces to the other side. Then she gathered all the CVC word pieces and placed them in the basket.

Once her pieces were organized she chose one CVC word card from the basket.  She would say the word to herself and then look for the correct CVC picture puzzle piece. She’s becoming a strong reader at this point in the school year, and was able to match all of the pieces up correctly.

After she matched the pieces, she told me it was my turn.  I decided to test her blending skills and letter sounds, and purposely matched some up incorrectly.  She caught on right away and thought it was great to have to correct my mistakes!

This free CVC word match set includes 30 matching puzzles!

Grab Your FREE Copy of the CVC Word Match

Ready to practice CVC words? Grab your free set of the CVC Word Matching Puzzles by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable

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