Cupid’s Cookies Valentine’s Day Sensory Craft

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These Cupid’s Cookies are all the fun of baking, without the calories or sugar high! Plus, it is lots of good, clean fun! This Valentine’s Day Sensory Craft would be a great addition to a water table or a fun sink activity. Add some letters to trace, and it would also make a hands-on creative writing center. So many possibilities!

*Pair with our Valentine’s Day Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

This Cupid's Cookies Valentine's Day Sensory Craft has the fun of baking without the calories and is a great fine motor and sensory activity!

Cupid’s Cookies Valentine’s Day Sensory Craft

Students can use these “cookies” for a variety of Valentine themed learning opportunities and I love how quick and easy this activity is to set up!

To start, grab your supplies:

Grab some craft foam, shaving cream, plastic bags, and coarse salt for this fun sensory craft!

How to Prep and Play

To begin, place the foam hearts on a cookie sheet or paper plate.

Fill plastic bags about halfway with shaving cream. Work the shaving cream into the bottom corner of the bag. Hold in place with a rubber band.

Use scissors to cut the tip of the corner off, creating a piping bag for the shaving cream “icing.”

Invite students to decorate the foam cookies however they would like. Add salt “sprinkles” if desired.

Teacher Tip: These foam “cookies” can be rinsed with water, and decorated over and over again making them perfect for sink play or to add to a water table!

Once play time is over, dip the foam cookies in water, and adhere to a window for instant festive Valentine decor!

After students decorate the craft foam to look like a cookie, they can add coarse salt to look like sprinkles.

More Ideas to Explore:

  • Write numbers on the foam hearts with a permanent marker. Invite students to trace the numbers with shaving cream “icing.”
  • Write uppercase and lowercase letters on the foam hearts with a permanent marker. Invite students to trace and match uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Set up a pretend shop. Students can practice simple addition when calculating how much money to charge for each “cookie.”

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