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Crunching Carrots CVC Word Match


When I taught Kindergarten, my favorite time of year was after winter break when all of a sudden I had readers sprouting throughout my classroom. It was such a fun time because confidence was building and the kids were so proud of themselves. This free Crunching Carrots CVC Word Match keeps early readers engaged and reading in a hands-on way and is the perfect addition to my spring literacy centers!

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This free Crunching Carrots CVC Word Match for Kindergarten will keep early readers engaged and reading in a hands-on way!

Crunching Carrots CVC Word Match

This CVC learning center activity includes 10 bunny cards with fun images on them. The matching CVC words can be found on the printable Crunching Carrots recording sheet.

Prep for this activity is easy! I simply printed out the recording sheet on white paper. I printed the bunny cards on cardstock for a little extra durability. Laminating them is also a good idea if using this activity in a classroom setting!

This CVC word match activity includes 10 bunny picture cards and a printable recording sheet.

How to Play

To play, kids pick a bunny card and name the image. Then they check the recording sheet and read through the CVC words on the carrots until the matching word is found. Lastly, they color the matching carrot word!

Using skinny markers or even watercolors would add a fun twist to this CVC word match!

My Kindergartener saw this activity on the table when she walked in from school today and was so excited. She asked if she could have a carrot page of her own to color. I printed a recording sheet for her and she quickly got to work flipping each bunny over from the pile and then coloring in the matching carrots.

Each bunny card has a fun CVC image on it and the recording sheet has the matching word.

Options for Support

When working with your child or students with CVC word activities like our Crunching Carrots CVC Word Match, some images may be tricky to figure out at first. For example, if the mug image is thought to be a cup, the correct matching word won’t be found.

If this happens, tell the kids to put that bunny card to the side and save it for last. After the other carrots are all colored in, suggest reading the last CVC word aloud. Sometimes working backwards helps find the answer too!

For children still struggling with reading CVC words independently, you can write the words on the back of the bunny cards. This will help them if they get stuck and also makes the activity self-correcting!

For children still struggling with reading CVC words independently, you can write the words on the back of the bunny cards.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to practice CVC words? Get your free copy of the Crunching Carrots CVC Word Match by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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  1. I can’t wait for my kids to use this next week. They are going to love it!
    Thanks again for a great resource.

    1. Sue,

      So glad you love this resource! Let us know how your kids like it. It’s one of our favorites! 🙂

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