Free Color Words Printables

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a student who’s favorite color was “greenblue” or “redpink?” I always have a kiddo or two that struggles with identifying colors as independent names and naming them properly. Color words are common sight words that can be tricky for kids to master. But practicing color words and color recognition just got easier and more fun with these free Color Words Printables!

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Practicing color recognition and color words just got more fun with these free Color Words Printables for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Free Color Words Printables

These Color Words Printables are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten. There is a variety of ways to use them in your homeschool or traditional classroom. I am excited to share with you some of my favorite ways to use these super fun, low-prep printables!

Look at Me Color!

For early learners that are just learning how to properly hold crayons, I recommend starting with the “Look at Me Color” version of this activity. This printable will give children an opportunity to practice coloring in the lines. It is a great way to work their fine motor skills while holding a crayon. Be sure to explain your expectations for “doing their best work.” This helps set the tone going forward with any type of coloring activity.

Students can color the crayons any color of their choice in the "Look at Me Color"' version.

I Can Read Color Words!

For students that are ready, you will want to work up to the “I Can Read Color Words” version. You might start out in centers or small groups with the “Look at Me Color” printable. Then introduce the color words printable with your new set of expectations.

For this more challenging part of the activity, I like to refer to our color bulletin board in the classroom but hanging a color words poster nearby for reference works great, too. I teach the students the names of the crayons and show them how they can successfully color each crayon its proper color by reading the name on the crayon wrapper.

On the "I Can Read Color Words" printable, students color the crayons according to the color word.

Extend the Activity

If your students have mastered reading and coloring the crayons on the color words printable, you can reintroduce the “Look at Me Color” page with a challenging twist. Show the students how they can write the color words on the side of the blank crayons and then color their crayons.

As an extension, students can write in the color words on the blank crayons and color the corresponding color.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to master color recognition and color words? Grab your free copy of these color words printables by clicking on the large, yellow download button below!

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