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Circus Activities and Centers for Pre-K & Kindergarten


Are you looking for engaging centers with a fun theme that you can use all year long? It doesn’t get any more fun than the activities included in this circus-themed resource pack! These Circus Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten plus HUNDREDS more center activities are exclusively available in the “Print Only Membership” of the Print and Play Club. Grab them today and your students will be “flipping” with excitement to practice important math and literacy skills!

This pack of Circus Activities and Centers for Pre-K & Kindergarten is filled with tons of themed math and literacy fun!

Circus Activities and Centers

This pack of circus activities and centers is filled with tons of themed math and literacy fun for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Skills covered in this pack include letter recognition, beginning sounds, rhyming, sight words, number recognition, counting, graphing, addition and subtraction, and so much more!

Let’s check out just a few of the activities included!

This resource pack includes hands-on circus-themed math and literacy activities.

Juggling Facts

Turn addition and subtraction practice into an interactive experience with these Juggling Facts Math Mats!

To play, choose an addition or subtraction fact card (facts for within 5 and 10 included!) and use the juggling pins to solve. Then your students can write the whole equation on the recording sheet.

Choose an addition fact card and use the juggling pins to solve the equation.

Rubber Ducky Sight Words

This EDITABLE Rubber Ducky Sight Word Game may become the most popular literacy center in your class!

Start by typing any sight words of your choice onto the editable cards. Students will pick a card and spell the sight words with the rubber ducky letter cards. There’s even an optional recording sheet!

Students can pick a sight word card and use the rubber ducky letters to spell the word on the mat.

Burning Up Before and After

This Burning Up Before and After Number Activity has tons of circus excitement without the danger!

Students pick a burning ring number card (numbers 1-30 included!) and write it on the center ring on the recording sheet. Then they write the number that comes before and after.

Pick a burning ring number card and write the numbers that come before and after on the recording sheet.

Snack Time Letter Puzzles

Work on letter recognition and tracing or writing skills with these Snack Time Letter Puzzles!

Choose between uppercase/lowercase, uppercase/uppercase, or lowercase/lowercase matching! After completing the puzzles, your kids can trace OR write the letters on the corresponding recording sheet.

After matching the circus snacks letter puzzles, trace the letters on the recording sheet.

Circus Roll and Graph

This pack includes 3 different Circus Roll and Graphs so you can choose between circus snacks, items, or rides!

Start by assembling the printable dice (Hint: laminate them for repeated use and easy assembly) and printing the graphs. Then your kids can have lots of circus-themed graphing fun!

Students roll the printable die and color a box above the circus-themed picture on the graph.

Word Family Roller Coaster

It’s a “thrilling” time when kids start to read words! This Roller Coaster Word Family Sort will have your students reading, sorting, and writing words from the -ab, -ob, and -ub word families.

To play the game, kiddos pick a word coaster card and place it on the corresponding word family mat. Then they write the words on the recording sheet under the correct column.

Sort the word family coaster cards onto their corresponding mats and write the words on the recording sheet.

With black and white copies for extra options, this is definitely a pack that you AND your students will love!

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For tons of amazing activities, join us in the Print and Play Club with our “Print Only” membership now!

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