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Christmas Play Dough Kit


This Christmas Play Dough Kit is a quick way to get your students excited for the holiday season! It is a fun and festive way to offer a variety of sensory play options to the kids. Kids love any activities involving play dough and with deliciously scented Christmas play doughs, who wouldn’t love this hands-on, holiday activity?

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This Christmas play dough kit is so fun and makes a great sensory activity for the classroom or even a great homemade Christmas gift!

Christmas Play Dough Kit

When brainstorming for this fun Christmas play dough kit, I had a really hard time deciding what type of play dough to make.

However, offering just one or two types of play dough (or making one scent and dying it a few different colors) is more than okay! I think it’s important to make these kits feasible for the amount of time that you have so that you feel good about continuing to make and provide them. Don’t make them a burden to prepare!

You also could use classic pre-made play dough. This is always an option when you’re in a pinch and still looking to provide your students with a great, hands-on Christmas activity!

Make some homemade play dough and grab some fun Christmas manipulatives for a great sensory activity.

I selected a variety of manipulatives – while those glass-look candy canes and glittery snowflakes are super pretty, I loved offering real cloves and introducing the kids to the idea of cloves in oranges, a classic Christmas activity that is excellent for fine motor strength building.

I’ll list what I included below, but feel free to vary your manipulatives based on what you already have on hand – just make sure they are open-ended and engaging.

Simple manipulatives like mini ornaments, snowflakes, and plastic candy canes are great additions to the kit.

Supplies in the Kit

Fun Tip: I added a teaspoon of ground cloves to my orange play dough and it smelled just like Christmas!

Sticking cloves into play dough is a great fine motor activity.

I have a small kit of play dough supplies that I keep in our arts and crafts cupboard so that I can whip up a batch of play dough super quickly without hunting all around for the supplies.

Since our play dough is played with by a large group of kids, I replace it often to prevent the spread of germs.

Our play dough recipes tend to last over a month at home, so if you’re making this for a smaller group you could definitely keep it around longer.

Kids can create a candy cane forest by sticking the candy canes in play dough.

Just a note: I tested this play dough kit with my daughter who wanted to help add in more red food coloring to the play dough – hence the patchy red dye job on her hands in these pictures. I definitely advise using gloves when kneading in extra food dye!

I loved this little candy cane forest – it’s something straight out of a children’s fairy tale and I think it’s just wonderfully whimsical! Plus that hidden snowflake in the middle could be the makings of a great story starter.

Twist two colors of play together to make play dough candy canes.

While there were so many ways to play with the manipulatives, I was excited to see that the candy canes inspired a new twist on the play dough snakes my kids always make – peppermint twists!

This was a great fine motor challenge and they turned out so pretty – serving as a great self-correcting activity for the other kids that spotted the original play dough candy cane and wanted to make their own.

Use the snowflakes as stamps for the play dough.

Many of the manipulatives also made great stamps – the glittery impression left by our snowflakes was definitely a favorite.

Another idea is to add plastic letters to the snowflakes or ornaments for some added literacy benefits to your play dough kit.

This Christmas play dough kit is so simple and so fun.

The variations and options for this kit are endless! Time to create your kit and get playing!

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    1. Hi Kath,

      Thanks for letting us know about the broken link. We have removed it. We hope that your kiddos enjoy the Christmas Play Dough Kit Activity. Enjoy!

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