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Christmas Ornament 10 Frame Number Match


Add this free Christmas Ornament 10 Frame Number Match to your math centers for some holiday fun! It adds a festive, Christmas theme while also strengthening number skills in your preschoolers or kindergarteners. This time of year I love to incorporate number games and printables with a holiday twist!

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Grab this free Christmas Ornament 10 Frame Number Match for Pre-K & Kindergarten and add some seasonal fun to your math centers!

Christmas Ornament 10 Frame Number Match

Themed learning with little kids is the most fun during holiday seasons. There is nothing better than playing Christmas carols in my classroom while my preschoolers work at centers. We love to use ornaments as manipulatives for different learning areas and to go along with dramatic play fun. This Christmas ornament game pairs perfectly with that theme!

How to Prep

This Christmas Ornament 10 Frame Number Match includes 11 ornaments containing the numbers 0-10.  Each ornament has a number on the top and a corresponding 10 frame on the bottom.

This printable math game is designed to be able to prep in just minutes! Download and print the file below on cardstock. I like to laminate the cards to ensure that they will last for many future uses.

Next, cut the ornaments apart on the gray dotted lines. There are dotted lines to cut across that divide each ornament too. That’s it – you’re ready to play!

Print, laminate, and cut the ornaments in half for an easy-prep holiday math center.

How to Play

The object of the counting game is to match up each ornament correctly. For my preschoolers, I spread each top of the ornament (with the number) out on the table.

Then I have them draw a bottom piece of the ornament (with the 10 frame) from a small basket.

They then count and match the 10 frame on the bottom to the corresponding number on the top.

I like to place the ten frame pieces in a small basket for students to draw from to make their ornament matches.

At first, children will learn to use the 10 frame as a way to represent what a number means. We use 10 frames in preschool to help organize counting while using 1:1 correspondence.

With each manipulative or dot in its own box, it allows young children to move from left to right while pointing and counting correctly.  For younger kids, counting the dots on each ornament will help find the correct number to match the bottom to.

In this game, students simply match up the number half of the ornament with the corresponding ten frame.

As confidence increases with 10 frame counting, subitizing will begin to occur. This means that instead of a child needing to count, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” while pointing to each dot, he/she will be able to see the 5 dots and know there are 5 without counting.

Subitizing skills will be used more and more when simple addition up to 10 is taught. Exposing preschoolers and then kindergarteners to beginning counting skills with 10 frames will set them up for success with addition.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to have some seasonal fun with 10 frames? Grab your free copy of the ten frame number match by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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