CCVC Word Clip Cards

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One of our favorite ways to learn and practice important skills is with clip cards. Kids love using clothespins, and I love how much they are building up their fine motor skills in addition to the math and literacy skills we focus on! These free CCVC Word Clip Cards are a great way for kids to build up confidence in reading words with blends and digraphs, and get in a little fine motor work at the same time!

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These free printable CCVC Word Clip Cards are great for Kindergarten and 1st grade students working on reading blends and digraphs!

CCVC Word Clip Cards

In my classroom, we have been working hard on mastering our CVC words. Next, we are naturally starting to flow into reading words with 4 letters that begin with blends and digraphs. As teachers, we call them CCVC words (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant).

This activity is perfect for practicing CCVC words in a fun, hands-on way. And prep is easy!

Simply print out the cards and laminate them before cutting them out (there are 15 cards total in the download). Grab some clothespins and you’re all set!

Each clip card has a fun picture and two CCVC words for students to choose from.

How to Play

Before adding the clip cards to our literacy centers, I used them with a small group. I worked with students that were ready to work on this skill, but could still use a little teaching and assistance with it from me.

We placed the cards in a basket and took turns picking one out and looking at the picture. If anyone wasn’t sure what the picture was, we used our decoding skills to read both words on the card. This helped us to see which word made the most sense.

For example, on the first card, the kids weren’t quite sure what the picture was. We read both words, stretching out the blend and gradually reading each word quicker until it was smooth.

“pl… i… m… plim”  and then “pl… u… m… plum.”  We knew that “plum” made more sense than “plim” and so we clipped the word “plum.”

We kept pulling cards, reading, and clipping until there were no cards left!

Students sound out each word on the clip card and clip the one that matches the picture.

Teacher Tip: Make this activity self-correcting by placing a small sticker or a dot with a Sharpie on the back of each card over the correct answer. This will allow the kids to check their work by themselves if they are playing independently.

Make this activity self-correcting by placing a small sticker on the back of each card over the correct answer.

Your students are sure to have a blast practicing blends and digraphs with these simple and engaging CCVC word clip cards!

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