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Cars Rhyming Activity


We love to play with toy cars in our learning! We use cars for reading activities, building blocks, math, and more! Do you have a transportation theme planned for your Pre-K or Kindergarten class? Use this free Cars Rhyming Activity to practice reading CVC words and identifying the rhyming pairs!

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Grab this free printable Cars Rhyming Activity for your Kindergarten literacy centers! Students simply color in the rhyming cars pairs!

Cars Rhyming Activity

Identifying rhyming words is a skill most early readers can struggle with and the reason nursery rhymes are so crucial in early literacy development.

Rhyme is an important part of phonological awareness. Some teachers refer to it as “word families,” meaning the end sounds are the same. There are many word family groups. When a student can identify and read the rhyming part of a word, it makes it easier to read the whole word.

Words that end in the same sound, like "cat" and "sat," belong to the same word family.

In this rhyming cars activity, we look at different ending rhymes, not just one specific word family.

I have included two printables with different CVC words, covering all the vowels (a, e, i , o, and u). The words are common words early readers would have come across before, aiding in comprehension.

Keep this easy-prep rhyming cars activity on hand for that day you just need a quick and engaging activity to fill a gap, or for your early finishers!

In this rhyming cars activity, we look at different ending rhymes and color matching cars.

How to Use Rhyming Printables

To play, simply look for two cars that fit together – two words that rhyme, and color them the same color so that they look like they are a pair. It does not have to be only mono-colored, as long as the two rhyming cars look exactly the same.

I like to provide a variety of coloring tools to make it more fun! You might try twistable colored pencils, skinny markers, or dot markers!

Give students skinny markers to color the rhyming cars to add some extra fun to the activity!

Your competent CVC word readers will easily be able to do this activity independently, leaving you with time to work with students that may need a bit more help.

This is also a good assessment opportunity to see if your students understand the concept of rhyming/word families!

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Are you ready to practice rhyming pairs? Then get our free Cars Rhyming Activity Printables by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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