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Candy Heart Graphing


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are loving all things hearts, especially of the candy kind! There are so many fun, seasonal learning activities and one of our favorites each year incorporates candy conversation hearts! This free candy heart graphing printable makes an engaging math center and strengthens counting, sorting, and graphing skills all at once!

*Pair with our Valentine’s Day Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

This free candy heart graphing printable makes a fun math center and strengthens counting, sorting, and graphing skills all at once!

Candy Heart Graphing

To prep for this activity, I buy a few bags of the candy hearts and then put a handful of them into individual snack size ziploc baggies for each of my kids.

This means I’m ready to go for when we use them during our Valentine’s Day party or if we use them during math centers. Then the students get to take them home for a fun treat at the end of the day!

Once your candy hearts are prepped, you just need to print the graphing printable and grab some crayons or colored pencils!

Just print the graphing printable, grab some crayons and candy hearts, and you have a fun, math center!

How to Play

To start, I have kids read the color words on the chart and color code them to match. We will do this together often as a class before I hand out the hearts.

This gives us practice with reading color words and makes it easier for us to sort once the students get their candy hearts.

After I pass out the hearts, we place them on the graph, one in each square. We talk about them and ask questions like, “Which heart has the most?” and “Which color has the least?

Review the color words at the bottom of the graph and match them with the corresponding colored candy heart.

We count up the hearts and make a mark to show us where to color, and then we move them off of our graph.

Then it’s time to fill it in! Many kids choose to color in the graph with the matching colors (except for white) but I let them decide what colors to use.

However, we do talk about the importance of accuracy and filling our charts in neatly. We color until our graph is complete, and at a glance we can see our heart data represented!

*There are two copies in the download – one that includes a white heart, and one that includes blue instead, as some bags you may find vary.

For each candy heart, students color a space in the column that matches the correct heart color.

Grab Your Free Copy

Ready for some graphing fun? Grab the free candy heart graphing printable by clicking the large, yellow download button below!

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  1. This is by far another one of my favorite holidays to do at school with my students because it’s fun and edible.

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