Camping Syllable Sort

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One of the best parts about summer is that it’s the perfect time to go camping! But, even if you aren’t going camping you can still bring the summer fun into your learning with this free Camping Syllable Sort Activity. It focuses on counting syllables and sorting words by the number of syllables in an engaging, hands-on way!

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Grab this FREE Camping Syllable Sort Activity for Kindergarten to use in your classroom literacy centers and small groups!

Camping Syllable Sort

Counting syllables is one of the main components of phonological awareness that is taught in Kindergarten. This will help students be able to break apart long words into smaller chunks, which will help them when they are learning how to read and spell longer words.

To practice counting syllables, I teach my students how to clap out a word. I say a word, such as “butterfly,” and my students repeat the word. Then, we break the word into chunks, like this – “but-ter-fly,” while clapping each part. Last, they hold up how many syllables they counted using their fingers.

Picture sorts are a fun way to practice counting syllables by sorting them into how many syllables each word has. This Camping Syllable Sort activity fits nicely into a pocket chart, but you can do this activity anywhere – at a table, on the floor, or on the board. It’s a great way to practice syllables as a whole group, literacy center, or a quick informal assessment.

This activity includes words with one, two, and three syllables for sorting.

How to Prep

  1. Print out the Camping Syllable Sort picture cards and syllable headings (download below).
  2. Cut them apart.
  3. Laminate for durability and reuse.
To prep, print out the syllable headings and picture cards. Laminate and cut them apart.

How to Play

  1. Place each of the syllable headings at the top of a pocket chart or lay them out on the floor or a table.
  2. Place the picture cards in a pile.
  3. Have a student come up and pick up the top picture card.
  4. The student says the word on the picture card, then claps it out, counting how many syllables.
  5. They place the picture card under the correct heading.
  6. Continue taking turns until all of the picture cards have been sorted.
Place each syllable heading in a a pocket chart, say the name on the picture cards, and place them under the correct headings.

Teacher Tip: Each picture card is labeled at the bottom. If your students are doing this independently, I suggest going over all of the words with them, or telling them to use their best guess with what the picture is.

This syllable sorting activity can also be played on a table or any flat surface.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn some new vocabulary words and discuss fun camping activities!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start counting syllables? Grab this free Camping Syllable Sort activity by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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  1. Thank you so much! I made a file folder game out of this with the syllable headings as pockets. the students put the picture cards into the correct pocket.

    1. Hi Becky,
      What a great idea! So happy to hear you are able to use our activity. What a fun way for students to practice syllables. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you so much for the great activities! I love using them and such a time saver as well!

  3. Hi, when I tried downloadinng the camp syllable packet the pictures are showing up. I am not sure if I open again if it will or if something went wrong when I downloaded it:(

    1. Hi Brahna,

      I’d be happy to help!

      You’ll want to first make sure you are using the most updated version of Adobe Reader.

      If so, then be sure you are printing from a desktop computer and not your phone or other device. Our printables are formatted best for a desktop computer.

      You’ll also want to make sure you are saving first, then printing. This way you aren’t printing from the web browser.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions?

      Thank you!

  4. This is wonderful. Thank you for producing so many wonderful tools. My only concern with this one is that “sleeping bag” is two words. Syllables are how many sound in “a” word. I would be concerned that this would confuse students when they transfer their knowledge to writing.

    1. Hi there! So glad you are able to use the resource, that makes our day! With your concern about the “sleeping bag” card (which I can understand), I recommend just taking that card out and using the other ones/skipping it. Or, I would probably have the discussion with my class about how it is two words instead of one, since my kiddos are usually working on counting words, recognizing difference between words, letters, sentences, etc. However you choose to use it, I hope the activity is fun for them! : )

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