Short a CVC Word Family Fluency Activities

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Learning to read is not a skill that develops overnight. Fostering the development of an early reader and building fluency skills is hard work! I think that’s why some of our most popular resources EVER have been our phonics poems, fluency passages, and readers – because teachers see how much kids love them, and how much they advance as readers when using them. Today we have for you a FREE mini pack of Short a CVC Word Family Fluency Activities so you can try out these resources and see how they can make a difference in your classroom!

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These FREE Short a CVC Word Family Fluency Activities are perfect for building confidence in early readers!

Short a CVC Word Family Fluency Activities

Learning to read is not something that happens at the same time for everyone. No matter what standards say or what is “supposed to happen” – it truly depends on the child and their development. As early childhood educators, we have the privilege of being a part of this magical process with the earliest of readers.

Throughout the year we work hard on letter recognition and sounds, sight words, word family knowledge, and decoding CVC words in isolation. That means we’re ready to practice putting words into the context of a story.

Phonics poems, fluency passages, and easy readers are some of my favorite resources for building fluency skills all year long!

This mini pack of fluency activities includes a fun short a easy reader.

Phonics Poems

I love word families for the practice they provide in recognizing “chunks” of words in bigger words, and how they open up so many CVC words for kids once they realize they know the “chunk” or rhyme.

Our CVC word family phonics poems are fluency and poetry in one! They contain decodable text for students to practice fluency and rhyming at the same time. They are especially great for those who love to rhyme but are still building stamina when it comes to reading full sentences.

The Phonics Poems contain decodable text along with high-frequency words for students to practice fluency and rhyming.

Fluency Passages

My students that are ready to build fluency with CVC words and sight words love to work on these fluency passages to practice reading complete stories. This mini pack of fluency activities also includes phrases to practice words and sentences in isolation and reading out of context.

Reading simple stories builds confidence in early readers and also helps them develop expression and phrasing in oral reading. Highlighting the word families builds awareness of like patterns and illustrating the story shows comprehension development. Plus, my students love to call themselves “illustrators!”

These passages and phrases are the perfect fluency activity for developing expression and phrasing in oral reading.

Easy Readers

It is also important to spend time with books at an appropriate level! Easy reader texts with illustrations can give comfort and a major confidence boost to early readers when they start to realize “Hey, I CAN read!”

My favorite thing about these readers is the larger font – I find it to be SO helpful for early readers as it is large and clear for their decoding.

Easy readers are a favorite fluency activity because of their large font and fun pictures!

All of these fluency activities are easy to prep and perfect for building fluency skills in an engaging and fun way!

Grab Your Free Short a Mini Pack

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Short a CVC Word Family Fluency Activities


    1. Hi Mary,

      This freebie is a sample of some of our favorite resource packs – our Phonics Poems, Fluency Passages, and Easy Readers bundles. I will drop the links for the short vowel packs below. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

  1. Wasn't sure if my other comment posted as I don't see it.

    I love these and saw that your post said they were freebies. I'm a homeschooling mom who would be so honored to expose my son to your awesome pages. I clicked the link and they now cost a bundle. Would you please email me these??
    Thank you, your dedication is appreciated!

    1. Hi Kristin! In the samplers you are able to grab some freebies! There are a few passages and an emergent reader free for people to try. Please click the sampler pictures (the ones with blue and pink borders) for a few freebies. Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading those! The big bundles are a complete collection containing either many readers or additional items, which is why those are not freebies. Those have always been priced due to them being a complete collection. They are linked here to show what packs the freebies are from so that you know what they are. I hope that makes sense and that you are able to use the samples in some way! If you have any questions or would like me to direct you to some other forever freebies feel free to use the contact me tab and send me an email! 🙂 I'm happy to help!

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