Build an Ice Cream Cone Activity

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Let’s face it, while summer is a perfect time for ice cream, many of us would love it all year long! While we probably shouldn’t eat ice cream every day, we have had a blast turning that interest into fun learning activities. Work on fine motor skills, patterning, and counting with this adorable Build an Ice Cream Cone activity!

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This Build an Ice Cream Cone activity is a great way to work on fine motor skills, patterning, and counting in a fun, hands-on way!

Build an Ice Cream Cone Activity

This activity is perfect for bringing more play into the classroom. It is so versatile and engaging as a center activity or use it to turn your classroom into a fun ice cream shop! Let’s get started with some simple supplies!

Supplies Needed:

How to Prep

To prep for this activity, I cut ice cream cones out of light brown felt. I cut 2 different shapes for the students to choose. I love anytime that I can offer my kids choice!

Next, I cut the ice cream scoop shapes out of an assortment of colors. Today we used white for vanilla, green for mint, and pink for strawberry.

Give students plastic tweezers and they are all set to build their ice cream cones and practice fine motor skills.

I added all of the supplies to a plastic tray to keep things organized. Then I gave each student a pair of tweezers and they were all set to start building their ice cream cones!

How to Play

There are a so many options for how to build and play with our ice cream cones!

This activity can simply be “an invitation to play,” meaning I allow the kids to complete it without adult intervention. It is amazing how much constructive learning still happens when the students use the tweezers to add the pom poms (fine motor skills) and build the ice cream cone (visual perception for where and how to put the ice cream together)!

With adult intervention, you could ask the students to complete a pattern with the scoops. For example, start by adding a “strawberry” and “vanilla” scoop of ice cream on a cone. Ask the kids to build their own ice cream cones with the same pattern.

Kids can use the felt ice cream scoops to order by color and practice patterning skills.

This could be done in a playful manner too: “I want to order a strawberry and vanilla ice cream cone please.” Bringing the element of a pretend ice cream shop in will add an extra level of fun to the activity!

Practice counting skills by “ordering” 3 scoops of ice cream with 2 cherries and the students get to count out the scoops and pom pom cherries. Take it further and order another ice cream cone but this time with one more scoop. Here you are introducing the concept of addition.

Ask kids to build ice cream cones with a specific number of scoops to practice counting skills.

And, “Oh, no! Look, one of my scoops melted. How many do I have left?” This is a fun and simple way to introduce the concept of subtraction.

Add all of your ice cream scoop supplies to a fun tray to keep organized.

The learning opportunities are endless. Your students will strengthen important skills and have so much fun while enjoying this Build an Ice Cream Cone activity!

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