Bug Count and Clip Cards

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Mastering counting takes a lot of practice! Getting through the teens and all the way up to 20 tends to be tricky for kids at first. I use different strategies with my preschoolers to encourage separating out each number while counting. Pointing and counting to practice one-to-one correspondence is one of these strategies. This set of super cute and free Bug Count and Clip Cards is a perfect way to practice pointing and counting from numbers 1-20!

*Pair with our Math and Literacy Clothespin Clip Cards Bundle for Kindergarten!

Work on counting, one-to-one correspondence, teen numbers, and fine motor skills too with these fun and free Bug Count and Clip Cards!

Bug Count and Clip Cards

Spring is in the air, and so are the bugs! Whether your focus is on bugs or other spring things, these clip cards will fit nicely into your theme.

This set of bug-themed count and clip cards includes the numbers 1-20. Each card has a different number of bugs on them. The goal is to count the number of bugs on the card, and then clip (or mark) the correct number at the bottom.

Simply download the free set of counting cards (below), cut them apart, and laminate them for extra durability. The easiest way to play is with clothespins (this builds fine motor skills as well!), but you can get creative with different ways to mark the number!

This download includes clip cards for counting from numbers 1-20.

Ways to Play

In my classroom full of 3 and 4 year-olds, I will use clip cards in small groups or with individual students. This allows me to not only give my attention to just a few students at a time but also allows me to quickly assess math skills and any gains they are making. At first, I am usually the one pointing while the preschooler counts. This limits frustration for my young learners during small group activities.

At home, this bug-themed counting activity is perfect for a busy bag! Use the bug count and clip cards to fit your child’s needs. Print the first 8 or 12 cards instead of the whole set if your child cannot yet recognize their numbers all the way up to 20. Add more cards to the set as they master the first set. After you play, store the cards in a reusable freezer bag until next time!

Students count the fun bug pictures on the card and then clip the correct number.

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While playing with the clip cards at home, my preschooler insisted that the bugs needed to be squished! It was actually a great suggestion because it gave me the idea to add play dough to the bugs.

With each squish, my preschooler counted a number. It was an easy way to see which bugs had been counted already and which ones had not. The play dough that was not squished yet still needed to be counted!

Teacher Tip: If the clip cards are laminated, give your kiddos dry erase markers to circle the correct number!

Kids can also use play dough to squish on top of the bugs as they count.

Using the bug count and clip cards at home or in your classroom is a low-prep way to add number recognition and counting practice into your little one’s day!

Grab Your FREE Set

Ready to start counting and clipping! Get your own free copy of the Bug Count and Clip Cards by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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Bug Count and Clip Cards


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