Brain Breaks for Kindergarten Students

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Kiddos are expected to learn a lot in Pre-K and Kindergarten. In addition to academics, they are constantly learning how to interact with others and be students. So their little brains need breaks throughout the day. That’s why this list of Brain Breaks for Kindergarten Students is a great tool for your classroom!

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These Brain Breaks for Kindergarten Students bring extra fun to the classroom while ensuring your kids are getting the breaks that they need!

Tech Based Brain Breaks for Kindergarten

Kiddos love technology! They have grown up in the digital age and have been learning with technology since they were babies. So these digital brain breaks are sure to grab their attention.

Fit 4 Schools has a whole section of free movement based games that are quick and easy for your students to follow. Just push play and have your kids follow along!

Another great option for movement in the classroom is GoNoodle! Students can play movement games or dance along with fun songs with just the push of a button.

I love Fluency and Fitness! It combines reading and math skills with fitness challenges like jumping jacks and push ups. Kiddos love it, and I love that they are learning and being active!

Games and exercises that allow free movement are a great way to give your kiddos brain breaks!

Non-Tech Brain Breaks

Let’s face it, technology is awesome, but sometimes we need a break. We may use technology for a lot in the classroom, but there are times when technology can fail (always when we are relying on it most, am I right?!) or we just want to do something without being attached to a device.

So I have a downloadable list of Non-Tech Brain Breaks for you and your kiddos at the bottom of this post!

One of the reasons I love these is because they are quick and simple activities. They take no prep so you can easily pull one out of your hat if you notice that your students need a mental break.

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These Non-Tech Brain Breaks include games like:

  • Hey, Hey, Look at Me!
  • As If
  • Let’s Make Music
  • Animal Charades
  • Court Jester
  • Musical Statues
  • Follow Me
  • Draw My Picture
  • Math Marathon
  • Silly Songs

It doesn’t have to be complicated! Whatever works best to give your students a little breather between lessons is a great option. So allowing your students to do something simple like a puzzle, a coloring sheet, look at the pictures of a story, or make something with playdough works too!

Using Chants!

Chants are not traditional brain breaks. But they are so much fun, my students think they are getting a break when we are really still learning!

Chants can be super fun and educational while still giving your students a brain break.

I love how versatile chants can be in the classroom. They can take you from circle time, to small groups, but they can also be used as a break in the day or during transition times.

We have so many fun chants for you and your kiddos! Head here to check out how you can use these super fun chants in your classroom!

Grab Your List of Non-Tech Brain Breaks!

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  1. I love this! Teachers and students need brain breaks once in a while and all of these were amazing! Thank you for adding multiple resources and activities that are easy and practical but still educational. I am an education major and I will definitely be using this when I start teaching!

    1. Hi Valentina!

      We are so happy that you are a part of our TKC community and we hope that you continue to take advantage of our resources in your future teaching career. Good luck in your continuing education! 🙂

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