Apples Aplenty! Beginning Sound Match

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Fall is here and that means apples galore in Kindergarten! In September, we have a whole week filled with apple-themed activities and lessons. Today, I am going to share with you a fun and free Apple Beginning Sound Match that will be perfect for your kids to practice their letter sounds this fall!

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This apple-themed beginning sound match is perfect for your apple centers or fall activities in your Kindergarten classroom!

Apple Beginning Sound Match

This matching game is perfect for both Pre-K and Kindergarten as a whole group activity, literacy center, or even as a quick informal assessment. It’s hands-on, easy to prep, and super versatile!

How to Prep

There are a couple different ways to play this beginning sound match, but first you will need to prep this activity.

To begin, start by printing the apple cards (download below). I like to print on cardstock and laminate them for durability, so I can use them year after year.

You will need to cut the cards in half, down the middle black line. That’s it – now, you’re ready to play!

Each apple is split into two pieces with a letter and picture of a word with the matching beginning sound.

Ways to Play

The first way to play is as a whole group activity using a pocket chart.

I put all of the letter cards in the pocket chart facing out, while the picture cards are in a pile, face down.

Have a student come to the front and pick a card from the pile. They will look at the picture and isolate the beginning sound, matching the picture to the letter in the pocket chart.

A great way to differentiate is to have your students also use that word in a complete sentence. My students first say the word, then say the beginning sound, and last, use it in a sentence. For example, if a student picks up the fish card, they would say “fish, f, The fish can swim.”

This is a great way to integrate some beginning writing practice into your phonics lesson!

Students can pick a card, look at the picture, and isolate the beginning sound, matching the picture to the letter in the pocket chart.

Another way to use this beginning sound matching game is as a center activity.

This time, the cards will all go face down in rows. Students will take turns picking up two cards and deciding if it is a match or not. If it is a match, they get to keep the pair! If it is not a match, then they will put the cards back where they found them.

Once all the cards have been matched, the student with the most cards is the winner!

Place the cards face down and students will take turns picking up two cards and deciding if it is a match or not.

No matter how you play, your students will love practicing their beginning sounds this fall with this fun, apple-themed activity!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start practicing beginning sounds? Grab your free copy of the Apples Aplenty! Beginning Sound Match by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable

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