Hands-On Apple Addition Activity

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Looking for ways to make addition practice even more engaging and interactive this fall? Make numbered felt apples and use pom poms as counters to work on sums. Add this hands-on Apple Addition Activity for Kindergarten to your math centers and it will have your students begging to practice adding numbers!

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Make numbered felt apples and use pom poms as counters in this hands-on Apple Addition Activity for Kindergarten!

Hands-On Apple Addition Activity

This hands-on apple addition activity is perfect for kids just learning to make sums and still needing hands-on practice to find an answer. It works great for hands-on subtraction practice too and is super fun and easy to set up!

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Red (or green/yellow) felt
  • Scissors
  • Red, green, and yellow pom poms
  • A 3-compartment tray (or use masking tape to create sections on a regular tray)
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Marker
  • Two white stickers (3 if you want to work on subtraction, as well)
Grab some felt, pom poms, and jumbo tweezers for a simple and fun addition activity.

How to Prep

To begin, cut apple shapes from the felt. I only cut ten, but you can cut however many you need. Don’t have felt? Craft foam or laminated construction paper work great too.

Next, number each apple with a marker.

Lastly, write the plus (or minus) and equal signs on the stickers and attach to the tray compartments as shown in the image above. Add the apples, pom poms, and the tweezers to the tray.

Write numbers on felt apples to create addition sentences for the kids to build with pom poms.

How to Play

For this apple addition activity, let your child choose two numbered apples and place them in the first two compartments.

For each apple, they can use the tweezers to pick up the corresponding number of pom poms and place them in the last compartment, counting as they drop them. We call this “picking the apples.”

When they are done they will say the number sentence, for example: “2 plus 1 equals what?” to get used to mathematical terms and vocabulary.

To finish, the kids can count the total number of “apples” in the last compartment to find the sum.

Kids can place the apples in the tray compartments to build the addition sentences.

Working with the tweezers strengthens fine motor skills in the fingers – an important skill for writing. You could also use a clothespin if you do not have tweezers on hand.

The jumbo tweezers provide great fine motor practice as kids use them to pick up the pom poms.

Would your kids enjoy this hands-on apple addition activity?

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