American Flag Craft for Kids

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Crafts are a great way to encourage kids to learn about various topics in a hands-on way. That includes patriotic crafts! We recently learned all about the American flag and its significance while making a fun and easy American Flag Craft for Kids with popsicle sticks!

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This American flag craft is simple, fun, and perfect for kids to try this 4th of July or for any patriotic holiday!

American Flag Craft for Kids

This simple craft is a great extension to a unit on American history or after learning the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s a great classroom craft as it is easy for kids to make without assistance. Plus the materials are super affordable.

This craft instills a sense of pride in children as they can complete it independently while deepening their understanding and knowledge about an important cultural symbol.

All you need for this American flag craft is some red and white popsicle sticks, glue, and colored gemstones.

Gather Your Materials

I splurged on some strong magnets to turn our popsicle stick flags into flag magnets. But do what works for your budget! Let’s get started by gathering our simple materials.

Supplies Needed:

If you don’t have colored popsicle sticks, the first part of this craft could be to paint several popsicle sticks red!

We counted the red stripes on our American flag and then counted out just as many corresponding popsicle sticks.

How to Make the Popsicle Stick American Flag

We started off by looking at a real American flag and discussing its various components and their meanings.

We counted the red and white stripes on our American flag and then counted out just as many corresponding popsicle sticks.

We alternated the red and white popsicle sticks until we had the correct shape for our flag.

When we assembled the red and white popsicle sticks, we realized that the dimensions of our popsicle sticks were different than the dimensions of the flag. If we used all 13 popsicle sticks to represent the 13 stripes we wouldn’t end up with a flag shape.

My daughter made the executive decision to reduce the number of stripes to achieve the flag’s shape. I would encourage you to let your crafter do the same!

Glue the popsicle sticks together to make your flag base.

To secure the sticks, glue another popsicle stick to the back in a diagonal (corner to far corner) direction, ensuring that it touches every stick.

Add a second popsicle stick to the side of the flag for an optional “flag pole.”

Let the glue dry before moving on to the next stage of the craft.

Add a second popsicle stick to the side of the flag for an optional "flag pole" and glue the gems on for the stars.

Instead of using blue and white gems, you could paint a section of the flag blue and then just add on white gems, but we decided to stick with all gems.

Arrange your gems until you achieve a pattern you like – my daughter enjoyed the challenge of patterning the gems so that no two “like colors” touched. Again, we couldn’t fit all 50 stars on our flag, but I ensured my daughter understood that there were 50 stars to represent the 50 states.

Attach the gems with glue and allow to dry.

This American flag craft is so simple and so fun and uses only a few supplies.

As a special surprise, I attached a strong magnet to the back of the American flag craft as well as our Canadian flag version.

I love how they look side by side on our fridge!

We made both a Canadian and American flag craft.

What do you think? Would you try making this popsicle stick flag craft with your class?

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American Flag Craft for Kids

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