Alphabet Guessing Game

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Teaching early literacy skills can feel overwhelming at times. If you take the time to find creative ways to introduce letter sounds to your students, you can really have fun with it! There are so many resources, games, and tools for teaching the alphabet. This Alphabet Guessing Game is an effective activity you can do with your students for letter and sound practice!

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Bring some fun and excitement to your literacy centers with this Alphabet Guessing Game for early learners!

Alphabet Guessing Game

This Alphabet Guessing Game is perfect for Kindergarten or review in 1st grade because there are a variety of ways to play. You can choose to use this activity as a whole group or small group review game. It can also be played with a partner as a challenge activity.

Supplies Needed:

Get started by gathering the supplies. One of the best things about this game is you’ll use what you likely already have on hand!

You can use magnetic letters that stick to your whiteboard or felt letters that stick to a felt board. You can also use alphabet flashcards or laminated ABC cards.

I like to use either a basket or small grab bag to place the letters inside of!

For this alphabet guessing game, grab some letter manipulatives and flash cards.

Ways to Play

In the beginning, we play this game using just the letters and sounds that we have already learned. Then as we progress throughout the year we add in more letters.

If your students are ready for it, you can play this game with all the letters of the alphabet.

Below are some of the ways we like to play!

Whole Group and Small Groups

In a whole group or small group setting, I model the activity for the students. Once they are familiar with the objective, I set them up in pairs to play as a partner game.

Using either a whiteboard or felt board, I secretly grab a letter out of a grab bag. I don’t let my students see the letter.

Next, I begin giving my kids clues about the secret letter. I say things like, “This letter says, ‘a’.” or “This letter is at the beginning of the word ant, apple, and alligator.

The first student who guesses the letter gets to keep the letter card or we place it up on the felt board or whiteboard. I call up a different student each time to pull a letter out of the grab bag and I am sure to remind them that they aren’t allowed to peek at the letter.

After students guess the mystery letter, we place the card up on the felt board.

Partner Work

Once the students have mastered the rules of the game, they can play in partners!

To play, players place the letter manipulatives in a grab bag. Player #1 pulls a letter out while shielding it from the eyes of player #2.

Player #1 then gives clues to player #2 so that he/she can guess the letter. The game continues until all letters have been guessed.

I like to place the magnetic letters into a small tote bag for students to pull from.

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Another hands-on variation of this alphabet guessing game is to give your students a set of alphabet flashcards or laminated ABC cards instead of letter manipulatives.

The players turn the cards face down and scatter them about.

Kids can also spread out the flashcards face down and pick a letter card that way.

Player #1 draws a card while hiding it from player #2. Then he/she gives clues about the letter.

The game continues until all letters have been guessed.

When playing this alphabet guessing game in partners, kids should hide the letter from their partner.

This alphabet guessing game is an easy and effective way to add tons of letter fun to your lessons!

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Alphabet Guessing Game

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