Alphabet and Number Snack Printables

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You may have seen over on Instagram awhile back that I found some alphabet fruit snacks at the store and was quite excited. Like many kindergarten teachers, when I see things alphabet I feel my heart flutter and I think “must buy all the things!”

I was thinking of what I could do with the snacks (in addition to eating them of course) and I decided we would play with our snack a bit first using these alphabet and number snack printables! In this case,

I think it is ok to play with our food- we are learning!

Snack Printables

The package of fruit snacks (these were Kellogg’s brand) I gave to my students happened to be all capital letters, so we used the capital letter activity sheet. First, each child sorted their snacks onto their matching letters.

alphabet snack printables

After they sorted them, they said their letter names to me or a friend, then picked them up and colored the letter! Finally, they could eat their snack! (The best part!)

alphabet snack printables

Sometimes you may run across alphabet snacks that are lowercase letters such as alphabet cookies or cereal. There is a printable page for lowercase letters as well included in the download.

For an extra challenge, you can use the lowercase page with the uppercase snacks, but have them find their matching partner! For example, they may have an “A” fruit snack, but they must hunt for its lowercase match, “a.”

alphabet snack printables

Finally, if you happen to have some number snacks, there is also a number version! I have yet to find number snacks. I am definitely on the lookout!

number snack printable

Download the printables

Ready for some alphabet and number snack fun? Grab the pages by clicking the yellow button below.

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Then for more alphabet fun, check out 5 more fun ways to learn the alphabet and grab a free alphabet book!

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