Letter A Craft: A is for Airplane

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Learning the alphabet takes lots of time and practice. One of my favorite ways to practice letter recognition skills is with letter crafts! My kids loved this short vowel A is for Ant craft so I decided to create this A is for Airplane long vowel letter A craft!

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One of my favorite ways to practice letter recognition skills is with letter crafts like this A is for Airplane long vowel letter A craft!

Letter A Craft: A is for Airplane

Our original A is for Ants craft can be modified to a capital letter. Simply have the children make “fingerprint ants” on an uppercase A. However, I wanted to provide a second craft with a different word to explore the different vowel sounds.

This A is for Airplane letter craft can also be modified to work for the lowercase A shape. Simply transform the stem into wings, and add windows and a propeller!

How to Make the Letter A Craft

Let’s get started with some simple supplies:

Adults, begin by cutting out several uppercase “A” shapes. You will also need to cut figure-8 shapes for propellers, and right-angle triangles with a rounded top for the wings.

Have the children glue the propeller to the top of the letter A.

I like to allow the children to observe a picture of an airplane. We also like to read a fun book about airplanes beforehand, especially if the kids are used to calling them “planes” instead of “airplanes.”

Have the children “build their airplanes” with their supplied shapes and glue sticks.

Kids can glue the right-angle triangles to the letter A as the wings.

I’m not too picky about how the kids choose to put together their letter crafts. But I do encourage them to keep the letter properly oriented. Beyond that, however they envision their airplane looking is fine by me!

Be sure to have your students assemble the airplane so that the letter A is properly oriented.

This A is for Airplane letter craft would be a great way to kick off a unit exploring engineering, air crafts, or transportation!

This letter A craft is easy and only requires construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

When using the Orton-Gillingham method previously, I taught “nnn is for planes” which can be an easy transition to teaching the phoneme n-sound. Flying around the room like planes is a great way to let kids work off some energy and also facilitate deeper learning!

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