4th of July Play Dough Kit

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Summer is here which means warmer weather and exciting outdoor activities like barbecues and camping. But on those days that may be a little too hot, I love to have some engaging summer activities that are perfect for staying cool indoors. And what would be better than a fun 4th of July Play Dough Kit to kick off July?

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This patriotic play dough kit for kids is perfect for the 4th of July! Stay cool indoors and have some hands-on sensory fun!

4th of July Play Dough Kit

While this play dough kit has an obvious U.S.A. theme to grown-ups, children are more likely to see other potentials in the materials and will bring their own creative interpretation to them. This could easily be a Snow White kit, a county fair kit, a pie-making kit, or even a Cat in the Hat kit. The possibilities are endless!

To get started, first gather your materials:

Use what you can find and look at what I included as inspiration!

In my play dough kit, I included play dough, gems, cookie cutters, toothpick flags, and clear gem stones.

I used commercial red play dough for this kit because I just could not get that pure red color. Every red play dough recipe I tried turned into another variation of pink – some darker than others, but not the true red I was looking for.

Time to Play!

My daughter got to play with this kit before I showed it to my daycare children, and the first thing she wanted to do was build a flag!

She used her creative problem-solving skills to manipulate the play dough and slowly build her flag, using one of the toothpick flags as a guide.

My daughter made a play dough flag using the toothpick flag as a guide.

Pushing the gems into the dough is a great fine motor strength builder, and it isolates the fingers as well.

Pushing the gems into the dough is a great fine motor strength builder, and it isolates the fingers as well.

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The cookie cutters are also great for building fine motor strength and encouraging children to be careful and precise in their work.

The star cookie cutters are also great for building fine motor strength.

Here are some of the ways the kids at my daycare played:

  • Patterning: with the gems, the stars cut from the cookie cutters, etc.
  • Building star towers
  • Spelling words with the letters
  • Rolling the dough into different shapes with their hands
  • Comparing the homemade dough and store-bought play dough (texture)
  • Trying to build other flags (with a flag sticker book from the bookshelf)
  • Playing bake shop (cherry and blueberry pies)
  • Making bracelets by wrapping play dough around their wrists and adorning with gems

If you have access to a laminated map, having the children try to form the play dough into the boundaries would be a great way to learn about the different states and their relations to each other.

One kid used the play dough, a flag toothpick, and the star cookie cutter to make a tower.

Every time we make one of these classroom play dough kits, I am blown away by how creative the kids are and how they are able to come up with ways to play with the kit that I wouldn’t have ever thought of!

The final products of the play dough flags were so unique and creative!

What types of activities will you be doing to celebrate and teach about the 4th of July?

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