3 Hands-On Sight Word Activities

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In Kindergarten, learning sight words is one of the first steps to students being able to read fluently. There are many ways to practice sight words with some simple supplies and without having to use a worksheet or flipping flashcards. You probably already have some of these supplies at home or school. Here are 3 Hands-on Sight Word Activities (including a free printable) for your students that they will love!

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Practicing sight words has never been more fun with these 3 Hands-On Sight Word Activities. They are easy-prep and great for early learners!

3 Hands-On Sight Word Activities

All three of these sight word activities are versatile and meant to reach all types of learners and learning styles. They are great for literacy centers or small groups in Pre-K – 1st grade. Let’s dive right in with gathering our simple supplies!

Here’s what you’ll need for all 3 activities:

Teacher Tip: For all of these activities, I like to provide a list of sight words or flashcards for the words that we are currently practicing.

Secret Sight Words Painting

Who doesn’t love to paint? This activity is a fun way to incorporate art while practicing sight words. I like to use this as a fun center on Fridays or even as a class reward!

For all of these activities, I like to provide sight word flashcards for the students to refer to.

Using a white crayon, have students write a sight word on a piece of white construction paper.

Start by writing a sight word in white crayon.

Once they are done writing, the kids can paint over the sight word with the watercolor paints and watch their word “magically” appear.

Paint over the word with watercolors and watch the sight word appear through the paint.

Shaving Cream Sight Words

This one may get a little messy but your students will love it!

This activity also makes your room smell really good, depending on what kind of shaving cream you use. I use a plastic plate to keep the shaving cream from getting everywhere, but you could also put saran wrap down on the table.

Place a dollop of shaving cream on a plate for students to spread out evenly.

Begin by spraying a quarter size squirt of shaving cream on a plate for each student. Have them spread it around in an even-ish layer.

Using their fingers, the kids can write their sight words in the shaving cream. When they are done they can smooth it out and “write” again!

Students can use their fingers to write sight words in the shaving cream.

Play Dough Sight Words

For this hands-on activity, all you need is a tub of play dough and some sight word flashcards. This is an easy activity that can be used as early finisher work, or as a last minute center.

Your students won’t even realize they are practicing sight words because they are having so much fun playing with the play dough.

Have students start by rolling a piece of play dough “snake style.” This is great fine motor skills practice!

Next, they can take their long play dough “snake” and form letters to spell each sight word on the Build a Sight Word Printable Mat, using the flashcards for reference.

Students can use play dough to build sight words on the free play dough mat.

Making practice engaging and fun really makes a difference when students are learning sight words. Now, my students are always eager to practice their sight words because it is hands-on and exciting!

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