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21 Fun Handwriting Activities for Kids


Teaching kids the skills needed to use writing tools and develop important fine motor muscles isn’t always easy. But handwriting practice for kids certainly doesn’t have to be boring! If you are working on writing with your students, these 21 fun handwriting activities are sure to be a hit!

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Handwriting practice for kids can be fun with these 21 handwriting activities that are great to add to your plans!

21 Fun Handwriting Activities

Practice pencil strokes in a fun, flower-themed way with this fine motor circles activity. // Therapy Fun Zone

Strengthen fine motor muscles and practice downward strokes with this Let’s Make Rain Pre-Writing Activity. // The Educators Spin on It

Playdough Writing Tray is a great center to have on hand for continued writing practice. // Fantastic Fun and Learning

This list of handwriting activities includes writing on windows and even some cursive resources.

Practice varying writing strokes while writing your vowels with this fun Vanishing Vowels printable. // Kara Carrero

Need some practice writing letters? Grab this ABC Handwriting Pack. // Embark on the Journey

This Alice in Wonderland Writing Pack is great for several ages, as it includes not only print but cursive as well! // Embark on the Journey

“Stomp” through letters while practicing formation with this fun Dinosaur Letters game. // Pleasantest Thing

Kids having trouble with letter sizing and formation? Try Alphabet Houses to help them out! // Busy Kids Happy Mom

These Picture Tracing printables are fun for drawing strokes and tracing letters. // Totschooling

Handwriting practice for kids can include writing on play dough or this A to Z Writing Pack.

Need some inspiring ideas for writing to try with a preschooler? Try these 12 Handwriting Practice Ideas. // Growing Hands-On Kids

What are pre-writing lines and why are they helpful to practice? Practice pre-writing lines with these fun ideas.  // Growing Hands-On Kids

Rainbow writing is always a hit in my classroom. This Rainbow Letter Formation activity is another fun take on colorful writing! // Sugar Aunts

This Pencil Control Exercise helps little hands keep steady and build the strength needed to use writing tools. // Sugar Aunts

This Finding Dory Inspired Writing Tray will definitely be a hit with kids! // Inspiration Laboratories

Let kids share their writing with others while getting meaningful practice with this Letter Writing Basket. // Play Learn Everyday

Make handwriting practice for kids fun by using fun coloring tools like crayons or colored pencils.

Learn tips and teachings of Montessori Writing to try with your kids. // Every Star is Different

Manipulating small objects along a path or curves is a great way to build up pre-writing skills, like in this Horsie Small World and Pre-Writing Activity. // Teach me Mommy

Practice prepositions as well as writing strokes with this pre-writing activity with small toys. // The Kindergarten Connection

These free Pre-Writing Printables are great for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice a variety of writing strokes. // The Kindergarten Connection

Learning to form letters? Try this simple handwriting trick! // This Reading Mama

Try some or all of these handwriting activities depending on the age and interests of your children. You are sure to find some they enjoy!

Writing Tools to Have On Hand

In the classroom, in addition to regular pencils, crayons, and markers, I also like to have certain items on hand for writing. These items are my favorite because they provide support as needed, variety, and engagement!

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