20 Frames Counting Fish Game

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My Kindergartener is obsessed with creating her own math games. She comes up with the idea, creates a game board, gathers materials, and writes the rules out. Then she’s been bringing them into her classroom because she’s sure her friends will want to play! I decided to jump off of her ideas and come up with my own new math game to practice numbers 11-20 with twenty frames. She agrees that her friends will love this free 20 Frames Counting Fish Game just as much as she does!

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Students will love playing this free 20 Frames Counting Fish Game to practice numbers 11-20 with twenty frames!

20 Frames Counting Fish Game

This printable set includes 10 fish tanks and 10 fish cards. Each fish tank has a set of 20 frames on it and each fish card has a number 11-20 printed on it.

To prep this activity, start by printing the game (download below). If you are using this in a classroom setting, I recommend laminating the game cards. If you are not laminating, print the set on cardstock for added durability. Cut the cards apart and you’re ready to play.

The goal of the counting fish game is to match each fish number card with the correct fish tank 20 frame. It’s simple and super versatile. Check out some ways we like to play!

Memory Game

My Kindergartener’s favorite way to play is to set the cards up like the game Memory. Organize all of the fish cards and fish tank cards face down in rows on a table. One player picks 2 cards and flips them over to try to make a match.

If a match is made, the player adds the cards to their own pile. If no match is made, they flip the cards face down again and it is the next player’s turn to pick 2 cards. Play until all matches have been made!

This counting game is super fun when played as a Memory matching game.

Matching Activity

To play as a simple matching activity, spread the fish tank cards out on a table or the floor. Put the fish number cards in a basket or pile.

Pick a fish number card and count the dots in the 20 frames to find its match. Continue until all of the cards are matched!

This game can also be used as a traditional number matching activity.

Sensory Bin

To add fine motor skills practice (and extra fun!) to the 20 frame counting fish game, set up the cards in a sensory bin full of blue rice – coloring rice is easy and takes no time!

Simply add white rice and vinegar (1 tsp. for every cup of rice) to a zip top bag. Add as much blue food coloring as you want and mix it up. Spread the rice out onto a paper towel to dry and it’s time to play!

Stick the fish number cards in the rice “water.” Use kid-friendly tongs, jumbo tweezers, or even clothespins to “fish” the number cards out of the sensory bin. Arrange the fish tank cards on the table to match the fish number cards to as they are pulled from the bin.

Add the fish number cards to a sensory bin for a hands-on way to play this counting game.

Whichever way you choose to play, your kids will be strengthening counting skills while having fun!

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20 Frames Counting Fish Game

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