One of my favorite ways to engage in sensory play in the classroom is with our classroom-sized play dough kits. I’m so excited to present this full collection of 12 Months of Classroom Play Dough Activity Kits to you! It will add hands-on, sensory learning fun to your classroom all year long!

*Pair with our Play and Learn with Manipulatives BUNDLE for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Check out all of our ideas for a full year of Play Dough Activity Kits to use in your Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom!

12 Months of Play Dough Activity Kits

This collection is actually 12+ months because we’ve also added in a birthday play dough kit that I like to have on hand all of the time for special birthday girls or boys.

School lets out and has breaks at different times in the year for different states and school boards so while the summer months may not be of use to you, they are still great themes that can be used for President’s Day or for kids that are anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer!

We also did a few holiday bins (Easter, Halloween, Christmas) that can be easily made more neutral if you don’t celebrate holidays within your classroom. Substitute the frog or spring flowers bin for Easter, the fall bin for Halloween, and just remove the ornaments from the Christmas bin and you are good to go!

Each of these kits makes use of a variety of manipulatives and is kept in sturdy sectioned containers.

These 12 play dough activity kits include fun themes for the whole year!

While some of these kits used no-cook recipes which are more convenient for the classroom (all you need is a kettle), I have reluctantly returned to making cooked play dough. I find it lasts longer but I always end up having to scrub at least one pot after a play dough-making session.

But do what works for you! All of these kits work just as well even with purchased play dough. The real winner is the manipulatives and all of the learning opportunities they provide!

A Year of Play Dough Kits

Valentine’s Day Play Dough Kit

Rainbow Play Dough Kit

Easter Play Dough Kit

Spring Flowers Play Dough Kit

Frog Life Cycle Play Dough Kit

Summer Play Dough Kit

4th of July Play Dough Kit

Bird Play Dough Kit

Back to School Play Dough Kit

Birthday Play Dough Kit

Halloween Play Dough Kit

Christmas Play Dough Kit

I hope your kindergarten class loves this collection of seasonal play dough activity kits!

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12 Months of Play Dough Activity Kits