Fishing for Letters Alphabet Matching Game

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Learning the alphabet is a big job! Unlocking letters and sounds is a huge step in the process of learning to read, and we love to make practice fun! This hands-on, engaging, and free Fishing for Letters Alphabet Matching Game can also double as a sensory activity and “Seek and Find” game. It is super fun for your preschooler or kindergartener – or any child who is working on mastering letters and sounds!

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Practice letters and sounds with this super engaging and free Fishing for Letters Alphabet Matching Game and Sensory Bin!

Fishing for Letters Alphabet Matching Game

To play this game as shown you will need:

  • clear bin (shoe box size or bigger)
  • clear stones/glass gems for the “water” – you can find them HERE or at craft stores *You know your children best – if you have children that may put things in their mouth, I recommend blue pom poms, tissue paper, or something similar instead!
  • fish cards and recording sheet (download below)

I dumped out a lot of the gems into the bin to make “water” for the fish. The variety of colors makes this really eye catching, and the gems are smooth and flattened, which makes them great for sensory exploration!

I kept it simple and just added the gems, but you could add other water-themed items as well like fish, rocks, fake plants, etc.

I filled a sensory bin with glass gems and added the fish letter cards for students to pick from.

I printed and laminated the fish ABC cards and stuck them in the gems. You can bury them beneath the gems, stick them halfway out – it’s up to you!

I bury some flat so that my students have to dig around for them a bit. They love that!

I had this game set up for small groups – right now I am playing it with my kids who need some more time and practice to master those letters and sounds.

Depending on the time of year and the needs of my class, I may have it out as a literacy center choice, parent volunteer center, etc.  I think that about 3 kids at a time in the bin is ideal unless you have a bigger bin!

Students "fished" a letter from the sensory bin and colored the matching letter on the recording sheet.

Playing the Game

As soon as the kids saw the sensory bin they were ready to play! We reached in, grabbed a fish, and said the letter name and sound.

I also had my kids make up some words with that letter sound, depending on what level of challenge they needed.

Then, we hunted on the recording page for the matching bubble (matching uppercase and lowercase) and colored it in!

The fish letter cards have uppercase letters and the recording sheet has lowercase letters for matching.

When we play in a small group setting we take turns grabbing a fish, but then we ALL color the corresponding bubble. We kept playing until all of those bubbles were filled in!

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Fishing for Letters Alphabet Matching Game

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